Thursday, December 09, 2010

Figuring It Out

What is the it?? Now I have to tell you that we don't ever really tell our girls that there is a Santa. We just kind of let them believe what they think it is all about. Christmas presents are always from mom and dad, so we just let them make their own conclusions. Now Maddie knows that the Santa in the mall is just a guy dressed up. She isn't sure why there are guys dressed up, but she knows he is in costume. So on Sunday night, St. Nick came to the house. He filled Maddie and Emma's stockings with some goodies. Nothing big you know: a coloring book, a new toothbrush, some m&m's, and a little toy. Maddie was so excited and so was Emma. You could tell Emma was really thinking about this all hard. She was trying to put 2 and 2 together, but wasn't quite sure about it. So she went to school and daycare and on the way to pick up Lilly from Germantown and this is how the conversation went.

E: Mom, did you or St. Nick put those things in my stocking
Me: (again not telling her that there is not or there is a St. Nick) Well who do you think put those things in your stocking?
E: Welll I think that St. Nick did, but those are all things that you know that I wanted.

I have this feeling that she is putting it all together and is going to figure it all out. Now as long as she doesn't take the approach that one of the boys in 1st grade does and goes around telling all the kids that there is no Santa.

She also has been with me in a store where I have gotten a few of Lilly's or Maddie's toys. I have a feeling that all this information is being stored and when those toys are open on Christmas a lightbulb is going to go off. Now I know that it isn't a big deal, but it is just that innocence of a child who just lights up when they open that present. Emma is kind of like a closet smarty pants. She is our bubbly, twirling in circle kind of girl; but if something doesn't make sense logically, she will call you out on it and want to know how it really works. I will have to keep you updated on how all of that goes.

On a side note of the innocence of a child: last night the girls had their Christmas program at church. It is the 4K-2nd grade. So right away you know that it is going to be loud and all those kids are going to just sing their heart out even if they are off key. Now if any of you know Maddie, she is a performer. She loves to sing and dance. She wears her headphones with her MP3 player around the house. So when I dropped her off in her room- she told me that tonight she was going to be a rockstar. And boy was she ever. She had the hand motions for every song, she was belting it out like she was on American Idol. Let's just say that I had more then one comment from other parents about her performance. I love that she was having just the best time, but we all couldn't help but laugh at her. We love her for her enthusiasm.