Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Deep in the Heart of Texas....

...well maybe not in the heart, but definitely in the deep. We have now been Texans for 4 weeks and I am not sure that everyone here accepts us as Texans. We did however venture to the Western Store. Chad got a nice Texas belt buckle and I got my cowboy hat. I think that I left those stores with a side ache from laughing so hard at some of the people there. There was one man who I felt bad that I laughed at him, but he was trying on cowboy boots in his khaki shorts and polo. I was just hoping that he wasn't planning on wearing that outfit in public.

Chad has started school and is finally getting into the swing of things. He is enjoying his classes and getting comfortable in his office.

What else says Texas like Friday night football. We experienced the first game of the season this past Friday. I of course had the time of my life (I was using sarcasm there). Chad had the honor of being the honorary coach of the night, so he got to spend it on the sidelines. I got to spend it in the stands talking with Christa and Suzanne.

This week is my last week of complete freedom. I start work next week at Trinity's Early Childhood Center. I am working on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays with 5 one-year-olds. On Tuesdays I go to Concordia for the last class period of the day to help with athletic period. That means I get to have extra practice time with the basketball girls. (I am the girls assistant varisty coach at CLHS)

We are awaiting our first visitors from out of state and the honor goes to my parents who will be here September 16th-19th. So remember for you who live in colder climates, you can always come down for a visit when you want to escape the snow.

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