Sunday, April 29, 2007

Emma Walking

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Do you know what it is like to fight with a 23 month old to take 3ml of medicine? It is all in a days work here in the Janetzke house. Maddie has been on antibiotics since Monday and I haven't had any problems with her taking her medicine until this morning. She was actually running away from me not wanting to take it. I tried to bribe her with her nuk. I told her she could have it back if she took her medicine, well that didn't even work. For those of you who don't know, Maddie is pretty attached to that thing. We are trying to get her to not use it, but then this week when she got sick she hasn't been without it. She would have rather not had the nuk for the last hour and a half than take her medicine and get it back. She has finally decided to take the medicine and get her nuk back.

Grandma H. just called to say that her and grandpa are coming in two weeks. They are coming on Mother's Day weekend.

The Brewers/Astros again this weekend. Hopefully the Brewers can take 2 out of 3.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Not Again

That's right, Maddie has another double ear infection. She woke up yesterday with a temp of 102. Chad stayed home from school. We were doing alright. She wasn't her normal busy self. She went down at about 1:30 and then about an hour later she woke up crying and also gagging. I took her into the bathroom, in case she was going to through up, she never did. Then I checked her temp. again, this time it was 103.9, so off to the doctor. He said along with her ear infections she has a sore throat, so that is what is making her temp so high. We are now on antibiotics and also have another appointment next week to check her ears again. So that is what we are battling here. Emma is doing just fine, I am just trying to keep her from not drinking out of Maddie's cup, I don't need her with a sore throat.

Besides battling illness, things here are good. This weekend was a pretty lax weekend. We had people over on Friday for the Brewers/Astros game. I couldn't believe they lost. Then we watched the next two games and were very pleased with their outcomes. I did think they were going to blow it on Sunday, but they proved me wrong. Then last night to pull out the win at Wrigley in the 12th. We are on a roll. I haven't said anything down here about last weekend, but after this weekend if we take the series, then I might have to give some people a hard time. I don't think we are going to get any of the games this weekend. We did think about it, but now with Maddie's ear infections, I don't need to be downtown and her temp spike up or something.

Chad is getting summer baseball stuff in order. That is what is taking up most of his time now. It is nice to have him home before 6pm and to actually eat dinner with him.

I better get back to Maddie. She is contently watching Sesame Street right now, so maybe I can get the dishwasher unloaded.

Sorry I don't have any recent pictures to post. Things have been crazy and the couple times I wish I had my camera, I didn't have it with me.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


That's right, Emma took 2 yesterday. That was the first time she did it and Chad was even home to witness it. She has been taking a couple and then diving at whatever is in front of her. Emma will be running after Maddie sooner than later.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Our Third Spring Break

Anne was here from Florida this past week. She and Maddie spent some quality time together. Anne even went home knowing Go Diego Go, The Backyardigans, and of course Blue's Clues. We did have a lot of fun with her here. She got in on Tuesday in the evening and left on Saturday morning, probably a little later then she would have liked, but I think the lateness was worth it. We did a lot of playing and we even managed to get to a game at school. We headed to the JV game on Thursday, which ended up being parents night because of some schedule changes. We also got to Harris County Smokehouse by Anne's request. We will be seeing Anne in July when we go for the Youth Gathering, so that is just a few months away. Thanks for coming and visiting. You know you are welcome here anytime.

Other news: Emma did get to the doctor last week for her 9 month check-up. She is finally on the curve for weight, but still off of it for height. The doctor thinks she might end up being taller than Maddie. Right now she is 22lbs and 29inches. She is starting to cruise a lot faster along the furniture, but still no steps. I'm sure they will be here soon.

Maddie is still Maddie. She is saying more and more words each week. She is loving that Emma is so mobile now. They have begun wrestling. It is usually Emma trying to get to Maddie who then flips over to get away and then they start laughing hysterically.

Baseball is over this week, so that means that we will have Chad back with us. I won't go into details, but it is probably good that the season is over. This weekend is also Prom. He has to supervise, so he gets to spend his Saturday night with high schoolers at prom. What fun, right?

Hope that you enjoyed your snow last week. It sounds like it is pretty much gone, hopefully Spring will makes it way in and stay.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Pictures

Good Thing We Live In Texas

If we didn't live here, we would have most likely been spending Easter in Wisconsin and it seems that at the Heffelfinger house there was a flu that was going around. So I am thankful that we weren't there and didn't catch it. Even though there were some sickies it sounded like some of them still made it to the Brewers game. Ben went to the game and kept saying how much fun he had at the baseball game. We hope that everyone is feeling better today and are able to get back to normal. I think everyone but Mike was at work today. So hope you are feeling better Mike.

Our Easter was pretty fun filled with egg hunts and wiffle ball. Saturday we were at church for the egg hunt there. There were a lot of people in a small place, but we managed to have some fun. Sunday morning was church and then we ate breakfast with Karner at Denny's. We had some good laughs and a lot of fun. We went home the girls took naps and then we headed over to the Brennan's. We got there had our own little egg hunt, ate a really good meal, played some wiffle ball outside with the kids and then it was home to sleep. We had a great time and are thankful that we were able to celebrate Easter with some friends from school.

Today Chad had practice and I have been getting the house back in order. We got to great Easter packages. One from grandma and grandpa Janetzke and the other from cousin Luke. The girls loved everything that was in both of them. Thank you so much. Now we are just trying to get through the next two weeks of baseball and then it will be Prom(which Chad has to supervise), then the musical, and then finals. We are always trying to get plans for the summer straightened out. It seems that once we think we have final plans, someone else calls and has something else for us to do or some invitation to something else comes in the mail. We will have it all figured out soon, I hope.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

We Found Dad!!

Daddy was hiding in the tent. Okay he really wasn't but it has been so much fun having daddy home for the last few days. The girls have been playing and running circles around him. We have been keeping ourselves entertained despite the cold weather. Hey for April, 50 is cold. We did get to the Easter Egg Hunt at church yesterday and Maddie had fun playing the fishing game. We are going over to some friends' house later today. I will make sure to post some more later today or tomorrow with more pictures from this weekend. We just wanted to let you know that we did find dad.

Have a Blessed Easter!!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Have You Seen Our Dad?

Our daddy was last seen on Sunday bedtime, can you help us find him? We miss him a lot and hope that he can tuck us in tonight.
Love, Maddie and Emma

Chad has had three games in a row this week, so that means that he hasn't seen the girls since we put them to bed on Sunday. Or should I say the girls haven't seen him, because he does go check on them when he gets home from his games. Usually they play only Monday and Tuesday back to back, but with today being Maundy Thursday they moved today's regularly scheduled game to yesterday. Tomorrow and Monday are no school, so I think Chad is looking forward to having this little break. I haven't really talked to him in three days either. Monday I did wait up, but both Tuesday and yesterday I was sleeping by the time he got home.

I'm sure we will have some pictures after this weekend. We have the Easter Egg Hunt at church on Saturday and so we have signed Maddie up for that. I think that she will have a blast.

We are having another visitor next week. Anne is coming from Orlando because she is on spring break. So the girls and I will get to hang out with her for a few days next week.

If we don't blog before then, we hope that everyone has a Blessed Easter!!

Monday, April 02, 2007

A Spring Break of Sorts

No one that was here was actually on spring break- but it was kind of like having two spring breaks. Last week the Chapman's were planning on coming down, but Ben got an ear infection and they didn't want anything to happen to his ears with the plane ride. We missed having them here and hopefully they will get a chance to come and visit soon. Grandma and grandpa Heff were coming too, so we got just the two of them. We still managed to have some fun even though only half of the group was able to come.

They flew in on Tuesday and the girls and I headed to the airport to pick them up. Tuesday we were thinking about going to Chad's game, but it ended up being away because our field was too wet, so we just hung out at home and played.

Wednesday we headed to the Zoo, it was a whole lot of fun and wasn't anything last spring break's trip to the Austin Zoo. We will have to take Chad back since he was at school. Wednesday night grandma made dinner, which was shrimp for her and Chad (gross) and chicken for grandpa and I. Chad likes shrimp, but we never have it because I think it is gross.

Thursday we left grandpa at home and he painted a dresser for Maddie and fixed a couple of boards on our fence. Grandma, I and the girls went to the outlet mall and then got lunch on the way home. We went to Jason's Deli. First off it was really good, but it wasn't the sandwich as much as the service. It is actually a place where you order at the counter and then you go and sit down and they bring you your food. Well we were sitting looking at the menu and the manager asked us if we needed a high chair and so I told him two, then he said that we should go sit down and he would take our order and then bring us our food. It was very nice of him to do that. So thank you manager guy at Jason's deli in The Woodlands. Thursday we went and picked Chad up at school and went over to Harris County, sorry you had to miss it Joel. We then went back to school to hear the Martin Luther band. They were on tour in Texas and that was actually their last concert.

Friday we went to the mall and looked at a sewing machine. Yes, I am trying sewing and actually am pretty confident that I will do okay. Then we headed home and let the girls get a nap in. Grandpa and I went to Chad's game that night and after the game Chad and I went with some of the other coaches and the softball coaches over to a bar to hang out for a little while.

Saturday was just spent mostly at home. Chad and I did manage to get out to a movie and dinner while grandma and grandpa hung out at home with the girls. We went and saw Reign Over Me. It was a really good movie. We then went to Borders, mostly because we could, but also to check a couple of things out.

Sunday was church and then grandma and grandpa had to get to the airport. We all came home and just crashed. I did get the grocery shopping in and a nap too. We went over to Wilke's last night for Phill's birthday and also for Opening night.

This week is a short week of school, but there are still three baseball games. We are going to church's Easter Egg Hunt this weekend. Then I think we will be just doing some relaxing. I'm sure we will be watching baseball too.

Happy Opening Day. GO BREWERS!!!