Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Where has the blogging been?

Well for most of you, you know to look at Chad's blog to see what is going on in Maddie's life and that is pretty much what our life is right now, Maddie. If you don't have Chad's blog address here it is He actually has been really good at updating especially with pictures of Maddie.

As for us, like I said our life is Maddie, so whatever she is doing, we are doing. Her and I have been practicing for the school year with being home by ourselves and it has been going rather well. Chad would go into work for a couple of hours here and there, but last week he had basketball camp that went from 8am-4pm, so it was kind of like a school day and so this week he has been at work by about 9am and home somewhere between 4 and 5. Maddie and I have been getting used to each other's schedule and actually this has helped her get into a little more predictable routine. Today we did walk to school and had lunch with him, so that always breaks up our day. Maddie and I like to take walks in the morning when it is cooler and she seems to enjoy them a lot by sleeping through all of them.

It really has been a long time since my last blog. We have had more visitors here since then and we also got to take a little road trip to Oklahoma City with a stop in Dallas. In Dallas we saw Chad's Aunt Kathy, Uncle Dave, cousins, Michael, Christina and Eric. We also got to hang out with Adam a little bit and then to OKC. There we met his parents, Kathy and Scott, Josh, Lydia and Kurt. They got to meet Maddie and see her before they all come next week. We also went to a wedding last week for one of the teachers at school.

We are just waiting for all our visitors to come next week. It starts with my mom on Monday the 25th and ends with my Aunt Susie, Uncle Kip, and cousin Jared on Monday the 8th. There will be someone here for those two whole weeks. We are making another trip to Dallas, without Chad. Maddie, my sister Jana and I are going to drive up there with my mom, dad, sister Amy, brother-in-law Joel, and nephew Ben for the Rangers game on the 2nd. They are then flying out from Dallas and Jana will drive back with me to Tomball and stay until Friday. Maddie is having the reaffirmation of her baptism on July 31st, so that is why everyone will be here. She was baptized while she was in the hospital, but wanted to make sure that the families got to be around for her also. That is the last month in a nutshell. We are getting ready for school to start. Chad starts meetings on the 1st, classes on the 10th. It looks like I might be doing athletic period again, but we still aren't sure. Basketball starts in October, so it looks like Maddie and I are going to be taking a trip to Wisconsin in September for about a week. So if you are around, we hope to see you then.