Monday, May 19, 2008

Swim and Sand

Here are the girls in their new sandbox. I decided that the batch of dirt that was being used as a litter box for neighborhood cats would be better suited as a sandbox. I laid a tarp, built a frame, added some sand, and a tarp for the top (to keep the cats away). The girls could and do play in there for hours. We are still working on keeping the sand inside the box, but I figured that at $3 for a bag of sand it will be just fine.

Sunday afternoon was the first swim of the year. We actually got a bigger blow up pool and came to find out that there were holes in it, so we went back to the old one yesterday. I got a different bigger pool and the girls are ready to play. I have a feeling we will be getting some use of it this week since the temps are suppose to be in the 90's.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Emma vs. the Swing

Emma- 0
Swing- 1

That's right the swing won. Last Friday evening we were at softball's quarterfinal playoff game (which they won). It was at Second Baptist- a mega church, they had a playground over by the softball field. I had taken the girls over there earlier in the game and then Chad and I swapped. Emma decided that it would be fun to flip off the swing onto the rocks on the ground(see picture above). Let's just say that there was a lot of blood, but no stitches were needed. She was back to jumping around by the time we got home. So after our excitement on Friday we decided to take it easy on Saturday morning.

The weekend seems to be a blur right now, but then I remembered that I was trying to forgot the horrible baseball game I attended on Saturday night. Chad, myself, and some friends headed down to the Brewers/Astros game. After blowing it on Friday night I thought that they might actually show up for the game. So as most of you know how the game went and the rest of the series too, let's just say that I was not a happy person on the ride home.

Sunday we decided to go to St. John's because it was confirmation at Trinity and we don't know anyone in this class. Chad had to go to the musical (The Sound of Music) in the afternoon and then we went over to the Wilke's for a little while in the evening. Chad decided that he was going to let Phill give him a haircut. So be got his hair buzzed and it was home to put the girls in bed.

This week we have been just hanging out at home. Literally on Monday it was home all day because it rained the entire day. We entertained ourselves with coloring and play-doh and the like.

Softball is in the final four and play on Friday morning. We won't make it up on Friday, but if they win we are planning on heading up to Waco on Saturday for the championship. If they don't win, I'm sure we will find something to occupy us this weekend.

Happy Birthday to Mom J and Josh tomorrow!!!

Happy Mother's Day to everyone too.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Minnesotans Visit

It has been awhile since I have posted. Baseball is over so you would think I would have more time, but the girls keep us busy that there doesn't always seem to be time. So here goes:

We had our friends Jill and Jay visit us last week for 5 days. In those 5 days we had lots of fun, lots of laughs, and may have even convinced Jill that Texas isn't such a bad place to live. They arrived on Saturday the 26th. We planned on going down to the beach. We drove down there and it would have been great conditions if we were all surfers. So we drove by the beach and Maddie is still waiting to go. I'm sure that we will be able to get there sometime this summer. So we headed home and just laid low for the evening. Sunday was church and lunch. Jill and I got a chance to go and check out the new outlet mall- it is a pretty good one. They have some really good stores and we even found a couple of really good deals. They have a Coach outlet and there was a line of like 30 people just waiting to get in the place and then the line to check out was about the same. We didn't go in- even if it is an outlet, I'm sure it is out of my price range. Sunday evening Phill and Shelly came over for Sunday Night Baseball (the Tigers were playing). We didn't have anything mapped out for the week, so we just saw where each day would take us. Monday we ended up at the jumping place where Maddie thought that the big slide was the best. Emma prefers to just play with the toys an could do without the inflatables. That is why it is nice to have a two for one. Monday evening we headed to Harris County for dinner. We promised Jay BBQ and I think he enjoyed it. Tuesday was the Zoo. We spent most of the day there and the girls were wiped out. They had fun running around with Jay and being silly. Wednesday we went to chapel (Chad had it), then we headed to the big playground. Jay was determined to see the nutria (the river rats- they're gross). We all agreed that they are disgusting, fed the ducks and turtles, play on the playground and headed for lunch. We ended up at ITZ, which is near our house and just like Stone Fire Pizza. We watched Monster's Inc, while we ate and then it was off to play games. It was great because it was the 5 of us and about 5 other people there. Maddie loved playing the games and Emma even got into it. When it was finally time to go we went to pick out our prizes and Maddie just thought that the whoopie cushion was the funniest thing, so that is what she got. We headed home to get their bags and then it was off to the airport to say good bye. We had such a fun time and can't wait to see them again. Hopefully sometime this summer will be able to meet up with them.