Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Back To Warm Weather

After surviving the cold for the last 9 days, we were able to return to the warm weather of Texas. It seems that it was cold here while we were gone, but not now. Today it is just about 65 and the rest of the week looks like mid-70's. And so Chad and I have asked ourselves many times, why didn't we have Christmas here. Actually it is nice to go home and have the cold, because then the 40's and 50's here seem like a heat wave. Christmas was great, it was so good to be able to see everyone, well everyone we could. We have a feeling that next Christmas will be a little bit more hectic, but we have a whole year for that. It was a week of somewhat relaxing, or just trying to get ready for Christmas. We were lucky enough to get home for Kate's first birthday and I think she might be one of the only kids I know, who didn't basically dive into her cake. She wanted someone else to feed it to her. The rest of the week was spent visiting with family and a few friends who are still in the area.

It is nice to be home and have some time to relax. Tonight starts the Gulf Coast Tournament for basketball, both the boys and the girls, so we will be heading there for the next three evenings. We got a chance to see Pete yesterday after picking him up at the airport we went to eat dinner. It looks like it will be a quiet evening of football and cards on New Year's with Pete and who ever else is around. None of us even want to attempt to go out somewhere that night. And why would we when we can watch football for three days straight?

I am looking forward to January coming, Chad will be attending a baseball conference in Waco for three days, it is the last full month of basketball (we end on Feb. 4th), and I will be making another trip home by myself at the end of the month and will be able to catch a couple games of CIT while I am there.

I hope that all your Christmas' were great. We were thinking of still writing a Christmas letter, but I think that we are going to make ours always be an Easter letter. Have a happy new year.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Just Three Days

Just three more days and we will be home for Christmas. It seems like it has gone by so quick. This week is the week of getting everything ready. That started today with doing the laundry. I know that Chad won't be packing until Friday night, but at least then everything will be clean for him to pack. I just have to get through work tomorrow and the rest of the week will be a breeze. I had work and practice yesterday. I was nice and gave the girls today and tomorrow off. It is finals week and I have some pretty intense kids when it comes to school. So I figured we don't play until Friday, so give them some time to study and really finish everything before break. It was also nice to have a Tuesday off for real, I usually have to go to Concordia for Athletic Period, but with finals, I had a true day off. Chad was even able to come home at about 1pm. We went and did some Christmas shopping and he has just two more presents to buy. I am very impressed that he is almost done. I am waiting to finish mine until I get home, because I don't trust the airline that it will all come back in one piece. It is getting to feel a little like Christmas, but I am sure not as much as at home. It is in the lower 50's, so everyone is out in their hats, coats, and gloves, while we just walk around with a sweater on. We saw that in St. Paul on Monday it was the big 18 degrees. It was kind of nice to know that it won't be that cold. It is suppose to frost tonight, so everyone is outside covering their plants and pipes. The news makes a big deal out of having a frost, so it is kind of funny to watch all these people try to make sure their plants don't die.

This past weekend was not a lot going on. Friday was a boys game and Chad was nice enough to do the clock for them. Saturday morning I had a game. It was against St. Agnes (the DSHA of Houston) really. The coach was really obnoxious. All he did was yell at the refs and then he would tell the crowd to yell at them more. At half time some of my girls were complaining that they were swearing a lot, so I told one of my captains to tell teh ref what was going on. They didn't stop, so when I shook the coaches' hand I said, "there sure was a lot of swearing out there" he was this petty, that he came back with " yeah, I know I heard your girls". So needless to say I was pretty upset, it was just a joke to him. After the game I talked with the girls about how no matter what we do out there, we show more about who we are when we play and we do it with a lot more class then that team. Chad was a little frustrated also, so he was going to send a nice little email over to the A.D. I felt sorry for the girls on the team, to have to listen to their parents, who are adults, sink to the level they were at. So I told my girls to go tell their parents, that they are thankful they support them and do not act like those parents did. So now I am following that same advice, and thank you mom and dad, for not being those annoying fans in the stands, but instead to cheer us on no matter what.

Last but not least, what were the Brewers thinking trading Podsednik. I told Chad that this will give everyone something to talk about on Saturday. I bet that it wouldn't take even an hour before Joel brought the subject up. We will see most of you this coming weekend or in the week ahead.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Defroster or Air Conditioning, I don't know which one to use

This state is confusing. One day I need to have the defroster on to make sure that I can see out the car windows and the next day I need the air conditioning on, so I don't fry in the car. I wish it would just stay at a normal temperature. All this weather stuff makes it hard to get into the season of Christmas. There is just something about listening to Christmas carols when it is 75 degrees outside. Today it cooled down a little bit, but that is because it rained last night. It is in the 60's. We seem to have this pattern. It is cool, a warm front comes through, it rains, it cools down and then we start all over. I am not complaining though, considering it is like 30 up north.

The weekend was pretty uneventful. Varisty had a game on Friday night, so we went to that. Chad had detention duty on Saturday morning. He made the kid pick weeds for 2 hours on the baseball field. Then we didn't really do anything that night. Sunday brought church and football. It was nice to not have too much to do. This weekend I have a game on Saturday morning, it the the early childhood christmas program on Sunday afternoon and also the CLHS Christmas Concert on Sunday as well. I am suppose to be able to go back to work on Friday, since we go to the doctor on Thursday. It has been nice not being at work, but at least I just will have Friday and then 2 and a half days next week. Then it is already Christmas break. It is kind of hard to believe, that we will be home in less than two weeks. It will be nice to have a longer break, not so much for me, but for Chad. It will also be nice to have days off at the same time.

Basketball is going, we are now 3-2. We won on Thursday night. We play two more away games this week. We have the big ONE home game all month long and it is a Saturday game, so there really won't be anyone there. I was lucky enough to have Paul (the A.D.) let me get digital scout for doing stats, so I ordered that last week, so it should be here by the week's end. I am excited, since I have to do the varsity stats, this will make it a whole lot easier for me.

The duty of laundry is calling my name and so I must get to that. I hope that everyone had a good weekend, even after that devastating Green Bay loss on Sunday.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Ice On The Car In Texas??

I wasn't sure I was in the right state when I went outside yesterday morning. We woke to a cool 40 degrees and even some ice on our windshield. Not enough to have to use a scraper, but enough that we had to let the defroster do it's work. It was a little weird to be that cool and to not have snow on the ground or even have a winter jacket on. Most of Texas were wearing their parkas and hats, while Chad and I were still in just pants and long sleeves. As the day went on, it did warm up to about 65. As I ventured out to basketball practice I was back to wearing shorts and a sweatshirt.

Some of you might be wondering, it was Wednesday yesterday, didn't you have to work. Well I had the day off, and it looks like I will have the next week off. There is fifth disease going around the kids in the early childhood center and it can be harmful to me, so I was at the doctor yesterday getting my blood drawn from the nazi blood lady. I have had her each time I have gotten blood drawn and she moves very quick, doesn't say much and isn't going to let you whine about it hurting. So I have to wait for the blood to come back to make sure that I am immuned to fifth disease and given the okay to go back to work. Allison who works in the room next to me, also had to get some blood drawn to see if she is immuned and she is not able to return to work until after the new year. So there is lots going on at the early childhood center down here.

Basketball is going. We had a game on Tuesday and won by 21, game tonight, that isn't going to be that easy. Yesterday for practice I had 6 girls, because the other ones just had too much homework. What happened to the times, when you learned to manage your time and be able to play sports and get your homework done. So let's just say that I wasn't in a very good mood for practice and it wasn't an easy one for only being an hour and 15 minutes.

Things here are not beginning to look like Christmas, so it is a little hard to get into the season, but we are hoping that once back in Wisconsin there will be some snow on the ground and cold weather to make it feel a little more like Christmas.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

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My First Turkey(a little dark on top, but NOT frozen in the middle) Posted by Hello

Our Thanksgiving Picture Posted by Hello

The First Texas Thanksgiving

Well it has come and passed, the first Texas Thanksgiving, and it was good. It all started out with no school on Wednesday and just enjoying a day off from everything. Chad took the car to get an oil change and to get it inspected for new license plates and found out we needed some brakes, so we took car of that and it is running great. We went to church on Wednesday night, sorry no Lyle Lovett. Then we just relaxed the rest of the evening. Thursday morning came quickly and we were getting ready to start preparing and the Minnesotans arrived. They left Eagan at 1:15pm on Wednesday and got here at 9:30am on Thursday. They had an extra person with them and had to take her to Sugarland which is on the complete opposite side of Houston from us, so they actually arrived at our apartment at about 10:45. We started the day with going on a tour of Concordia, which Chad so wonderfully made the alarm go off, but don't worry we had it under control. Then we went back to finish cooking. Everything was done at about 3:30 and we ate. I was told that the turkey was good, but of course I didn't eat anything. I was proud of myself for cooking the whole meal and nothing went wrong. We had the four northerners, Pete, and Becky (a teacher from CLHS) over for dinner. It was amazing that everyone had a place to sit and eat. Dave (another teacher from CLHS) came over later and we played some dominos and the boys were playing video games (Jay brought his X-Box). We turned early, because everyone was tired. I had basketball in the morning and it was okay, only 6 girls were there. The rest of the day we just hung out at the house, watching tv, playing video games and napping. We ventured out to have some BBQ for dinner and Harris County Smokehouse. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, especially Jay when dared to eat a green chile and he did. We went bowling after for 2 games and then home to play Phase 10 until 2am. Today was much more relaxed, but soon it was time for the northerners to head back home. They left here about 2pm and were on their way back north, hoping to be inbetween both storms coming through. We had nice weather all week. It finally has stopped raining and it is about 70. Tonight Chad and I are looking to just relax and clean up a little bit and then it will be back to work on Monday. Only 3 weeks and we will be home fro Christmas. Chad has two weeks of classes and then finals and so that means that I actually only have 8 and a half days of work. Basketball will keep me busy for three weeks. We finally get to play on Tuesday this week after having two weeks of no games. We are looking forward to the break coming up again and hoping to see most of you while in Wisconsin.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

With the Rain, Comes My First Win

Well it has basically rained nonstop for the last 3 days and it is suppose to keep going for 2 more. It is nice to think that if we were up north, this would all be snow. We would for sure not have had school yesterday, if it was all snow. When it rains here, people start driving like it's 2 feet of snow, then you also have all the trucks who think that can zoom by you and a mile down the road, they are the ones in the ditch. The rain also makes work drag on too, because then that means that we can't take our kids outside and that can make for a long day. Well enough about the rain.

Tuesday and Thursday this week, we had games. Tuesdays game was at the all-girls catholic school, think DSHA, but not as nice facilities. We got our butts kicked, because we can't play defense. We are getting better, but it is still a long way to go. Thursday was the first home game against Lutheran South. That we played well and came out with the win. It was 29-12. We played a lot better defense and that helped a lot. Now we don't play again until the 30th. Our game next week got cancelled, so that means a easy week, with only one day of work, practice Monday, off Tuesday (basketball and work) and then we will have practice on Friday morning.

I am beginning our preparations for Thanksgiving. I am a little nervous, I know that something will go wrong, but what are you going to do. Adam is coming down tomorrow for the Packers/Texans game. Then Chad just has two days of school this week. He is really looking forward to the break. He will then just have two weeks of class and a week of finals before Christmas break. Today we are going downtown with Diane (another teacher) she is taking us, and her student teacher out for dinner and to see some Houston things. She has been meaning to take us for awhile, but it has been busy, because she is the volleyball coach, so that should be fun tonight. Not too much else going on here. Just trying to survive until Christmas. Got a few presents bought. Christa and I went to the mall on Tuesday and I found some good deals. Chad still hasn't started his shopping, but he has some ideas that he has for people. So it is just a matter of getting him to the mall to get them. I hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving. Don't eat too much.

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Saturday, November 13, 2004

First Football Season Closes

Well, we have survived our first season of Texas High School football. There were a few times when I wasn't sure if we would. CLHS played their last game last night, they lost 36-6. It actually felt like a football game. It was cool and windy. I even got to wear a sweater and a jacket. Chad even had a hat on, to keep his ears well. Football down here still amazes me. It is like everyone says. This morning I was even watching the High School Football report and it still amazes me to see some teams have nicer stadiums than some colleges. Some have astroturf, seating for thousands, and a team that could easily wail on CURF any day. I did enjoy the season for the most part, the games did get kind of long some weeks, but I don't think I'll be turning into one of those pyscho people who live and die Texas Football.

Besides football we do have basketball down here. We had our first game this week. We lost by 16. We were losing by 3 at half time and then just pooped out. It also doesn't help that I only have 8 players. But I was pretty proud of them. They hung in there and gave it everything they had. We have a pretty solid team. We need to do a bit of work on our defense, but if we get that down, we will be alright. Chad was nice enough to do my stats for me. I am still waiting on my digital scout palm pilot to do stats on. We'll see if I get that before Christmas break. We are doing a freethrow-a-thon and I am hoping that the money that we get from that can purchase the palm pilot. It will make things a lot easier for my games, plus having to do stats for the Varsity games.

We are both looking forward to Thanksgiving break coming up. That also means that we will have visitors. Chad and Adam are going to the Texans/Packers game on Sunday the 21st. Chad said that he would have a sign for you Joel, I'll hold him to it and make sure he follows through. Anne is coming in on Tuesday, so we will get to have all day Wednesday to just hang out. Then that means only three weeks till Christmas after that. I have purchased one Christmas present. I think that Christa and I were thinking about going this Tuesday to check the mall out. Since we are doing small stocking gifts with my family, I have decided that Chad needs to get his own things for everyone and he has even begun to write things down that he has come up with. I am looking to not bring too much stuff home and just shop once in Milwaukee.

Chad is at boys basketball practice helping them out with their "retreat" for the day. We might head to the movies to check out Ray, but we will see how tired he is after staying up late playing video games. Joel we bought you a football t-shirt from school for them winning the District, so I'll try to send that this week. If not it will have to wait until next week.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Basketball Can Be A Long Season...

Well we had our first scrimmage on yesterday for basketball. It was quite an interesting experience. We scrimmaged against two of the larger public schools around here. It was Magnolia and Waller. They both have like 2000 kids in their schools and both have freshman teams, so that means their JV teams have been playing together for a year, where we have been playing together for 3 weeks. I was proud of my girls, they did hold their own, even through the cursing and threatening of beatings from other girls. It was a good experience for them and I think that they learned a lot. I also thought we did rather well considering I have nine girls, eight of who can play (the other is both ineligible and not at the skill level as the other girls). I mean her dad has already come and talked to me yesterday about the treatment of her from the other girls. I have to say that if I was on her team, I wouldn't be as nice as the girls are being to her. Chad got a run for his money yesterday too. He came with me, because either the JV coaches were suppose to ref on our off games or bring someone to ref for them. So I brought Chad, well the refs they had for Varsity never showed up, so he had to do all of the Varsity games, which were 6- 30 minutes running clock games. Let's just say he was pretty tired at the end of the day. He did however manage enough strength to go to the Texas vs. Oklahoma State game in Austin with Pete. He said that it was a really good time and that it was cool to be at a game like that. That did mean however, he got home late and was not a fun person this morning when it was time to go to church. This week brings on our first basketball game. I think that we will do fairly well, we have improved just in the last week. Next weekend I think we are actually free. I think that the football team made it to districts and I think they play at home, so I guess we would probably be going to that. I hope that everyone had a great weekend. We are looking forward to our company at Thanksgiving and really looking forward to coming home for Christmas. I hope everyone has a great week.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Sorry It Has Been So Long

I guess the only person I am really apologizing to is Joel, because he is the only one who will get on my case about not updating my blog. Well it has been over a week and not to make excuses, but basketball has started and so by the time I get home, get dinner together and eat, I am ready for bed. So it really is just my lack of motivation that has not kept up with this in the last week. Last weekend was full of football. Luke Kasten was here also for Isaac's baptism. So Friday was the big game against Concordia and Lutheran North (which is where Pete teaches), Concordia ended up losing in the last 3 seconds when North kicked a fieldgoal, not after numerous opportunities to stop them. So of course Pete was a bragging machine for the next 4 hours. We all went (Chad, Pete, Luke, myself, and Lisa another teacher at North) to Molly Malone's for some food. Then the rest of the Kasten guys came out after Paul was done at school. Saturday brought the Michigan/Michigan State game, of course not being shown here on ABC, so we went to BW-3's for the entire game, we were there for 4 and a 1/2 hours. Good thing I brought a magazine. Kim and Odie showed up, so Kim and I played the trivia game for the majority of the afternoon. Pete came right at the end of regulation. Pete, Chad and I decided to see a movie, Friday Night Lights. It wasn't as good as I thought it was going to be. I thought it was going to be a go-get em' type sports movie, but it isn't, but it is very real-life of Texas football. Sunday then was the Lions/Cowboys game, which of course again was not on here, but we at least didn't go anywhere to watch it. We instead watched the Texans game. That night was Isaac'a openhouse for his baptism. We also got the be the lucky ones who handed out candy for trick or treaters, that was only because we were sitting in the front room, closest to the front door. So our weekend was full of football and that was about it.

Basketball is now in full swing, we have our first game on Tuesday. I only have nine girls on my team, but they are good girls and I am really looking forward to the season. I think that Chad was talking about coming to practice today to be my 10th, because then I don't have to play and I can just watch what is going on. We are also looking forward to Thanksgiving with everyone coming. We talked to all the Minnesota people on Monday and Jay got off work on Wednesday, so they are able to leave a lot earlier and now they will be here on Thursday morning. Anne is coming on Tuesday night, late. And Pete is just always here.

There will be more football this weekend, but you can leave me out of it. Chad and Pete are going to Austin for the Texas/Oklahoma State game on Saturday. I have a scrimmage in the morning and then nothing. I hope that everyone is doing well and we can't wait to see you at Christmas, which is only like 53 days away.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Well we got them good. My parents that is. This weekend was the surprise anniversary party we had been planning for 5 months and we actually pulled it off. I wasn't so sure that we were going to get them to the bar before they realized something was going on. We made it to Chicago on Friday night and Alan, Tracie, and Kate picked us up. We spent the night there and then headed to Milwaukee. The look on my mom's face was priceless when we walked up the steps to the TV room. They thought that that surprise was good enough. Then we went out for dinner and it just all fell into place there. It was good to see everyone. There weren't as many people as we thought were going to be there, but there were a good number of people. We all had a good time, so more than others. They seemed to be very surprised and thankful that we went to all the trouble. They got to see some people who they hadn't in a long time. We were hoping more of the old schoolers would have been there, but they were surprised enough. I got the luxury of spending the rest of the evening with Joel and Chad at the bar until bartime. I think Chad was looking for someone to hang out with and just have a good time. That both, Joel and Chad did. I have to say Chad much surpassed his reign as Three Beer Queer. Sunday was a long day, but we didn't do too much. We spent most of the day lazing around, watching football and sleeping. Chad's family came over in the evening for pizza and visiting. We didn't get any games in, but just hung out for a bit. We came home yesterday after, Amy, Joel, and Ben dropped us off at O'Hare and we took the "El" to Midway. I don't think Chad was to keen on the idea, but it was fine and we got there in plenty of time. The flight was good and it was good to be back home. No work for me today, so that helped, but right back to basketball practice. I am looking forward to next week, when I can have the JV girls by themselves and we can start working on our own things. Now the week is almost half over, so that is nice. This weekend Luke Kasten will be here for Isaac's baptism and so I think we will be going out after football on Friday. Which is when Concordia takes on Luther North, which is where Pete teaches. Then just a few weeks to Thanksgiving and just a few more till Christmas. It was nice to be home this weekend and see everyone and we can't wait to see you at Christmas. I hope that everyone has recovered from the weekend. I hope that everyone had a good time this weekend and can't wait to hear or see you all soon.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Just Another Week

Well it was just another week here in Texas. Monday was the Concordia Golf Outing, so Chad had the day off of school and got to golf. He was in a group of four and I think he was the only one who golfs more than twice a year. He had a good time, didn't win anything big, but I think it was nice for him to get out on the golf course. That is only the second time since we have been down here. Monday was just another day of work for me. Tuesday brought a nice day of not having to go to Athletic Period, so that means that it was a true day off. I spent the morning cleaning and doing some laundry and the afternoon with Christa and Isaac. We decided to venture out for lunch and then to Target to pick up a few things. It was a good time, I think Christa enjoyed getting out of the house for more than an hour. Wednesday it was back to work and then a nice relaxing night at home. We watched some baseball and just relaxed. Thursday it was back with Christa and Isaac to hit the Trinity rummage sale. It was pretty big. They even had a boat and two cars for sale. I didn't buy either, but I got a bunch of books. Christa managed to find some books and also a tool set for Isaac when he is a little older. Friday was work and football. Before I got home, I had to help set-up for Family Fun Night at work. I didn't attend, but it looked as if they had a lot of fun. Football was pretty exciting this week. It was a big game and we weren't suppose to win, but we did pull it out. We left early and we still didn't get home until like 10:15. Saturday brought a basketball meeting with all the coaches. It looks as if I have the JV for sure, I am kind of in free reign with what I do with them. So it is basically like what plays I want to run is what we do. Today brought church, going over to Kieper's, to learn how to take care of their dogs (i get to for the next couple of days). Going out to lunch with the Greibings(spelling is wrong) but those are Barrett's mom and dad, who is Ben's roommate up at St. Paul. Then we went over to Joel's house to watch the Packers wail on the Lions. Of course, Chad was looking for that Lions victory and just didn't get it. Chad has to leave for teacher conferences this afternoon, but they are not staying, because they are just in Houston. So he has that tonight, all day tomorrow and half the day on Tuesday. Basketball starts on Tuesday. So our lives are going to get a little bit busier. I hope everyone is good and I will hopefully talk to you all soon.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Mr. Schlicker even got a mum from one of the girls in choir.  Posted by Hello

Here is a Sader Belle (dance team) mum that they got from their coach, it is small Posted by Hello

This doesn't even come close to what the girls' look like.... Posted by Hello

Homecoming Mums, I still don't get it

Well Homecoming has been and passed here in Tomball. I figured, it would be like anywhere else. Well, not to my surprise, it wasn't. Here in Texas they don't give the standard garter and corsage to each other. They give each other over-sized mums that they wear. The girls wear them around their necks the Friday before Homecoming, then some wear them around their waist for the actual dance. The boys wear them on their arms also the Friday before Homcoming. It is a big thing and they just kept getting bigger and bigger as the day went on. Chad had said that in one of his classes they were talking about their mums and no one in there spent less than $50 on the guys mum. Now what you do is get the school colors in ribbon and make it all fancy. Then they all put these little trinkets on there to really make it individual. I saw teddy bears, baseballs, bells, whistles, charms, and even a flashing light. So for all of you up north, be glad that all you have to get is a garter or corsage. Besides watching all the mums go by at the football game, I did manage to watch some. We won 14-13 and it was a nail-biter to the end. They had a wide open guy in the end zone that dropped the ball, and then they were going for the field goal and fumbled the snap, so it was a pretty exciting night here in Tomball, but now it is back to the work week. This is the last week before basketball starts and now I am going to be the JV head coach, so I am really looking forward to that.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Chad has conquered the ShockWave Posted by Hello

Chad's first loops Posted by Hello

Only in Texas, they love the "W" Posted by Hello

I can do the loops, it is the drops I don't like

Well we have survived our days with 13 high school students at Six Flags. It was last Thursday and Chad was saying how we needed to be at school on Saturday morning at 5:30, now I was thinking that was pretty early to get down to Astroworld, which is just on the southside of Houston. So I asked him about it and he said, "oh yeah, we are going to Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington". So our weekend was in Arlington, but we had a really good time. We left at about 5:45 and stopped along the way and got there right as Six Flags was opening and stayed until about 8pm. We stayed at a nearby hotel and left this morning to come back home.

Now as many of you know, Chad is not an avid fan of the roller coaster. (He has never been on one that goes upside-down) So we headed toward one that doesn't go upside down, but has some pretty big drops, like 120 feet. It is a wooden one, called the Texas Giant. we went on and he seemed to do great. He said that is was okay and that he could go again, so instead we kept on walking and just looking at all the other roller coasters. The kids and the other teacher, had to go to the rally for the Key Club (which was at the park) so Chad and I rode a smaller wooden one, much like the Eagle. While waiting in line I told him that I would bet a video game of his choice that he wouldn't go on an upside down roller coaster. Well he did. After much deliberating and watching the roller coaster go, he finally got on and went for it. Now I like roller coasters, but this one was even making me a little leary, not because of the hills or loops, but it has two loops right in a row (picture above) and you don't wear a shoulder harness, it is just a lap one. Needless to say, I didn't mention that to Chad after we got off of it. This is when Chad has realized that his fear of roller coasters is not the loops, but the big drops. We then went on the Batman, which is like the Batman at Great America, where you hang from the track. By the end of the day, there were many exhausted kids and adults, so we all decided to go on one more ride. It is the Titan. Now this ride goes 85 miles per hour and has a drop of 225 feet. Chad got on it and actualyl survived. We even had to buy the picture they take of you while on the ride. He was a real trooper and now knows that roller coasters aren't all that bad. We had a pretty uneventful day so far. Chad is actually up at school and will be for a while, it is the beginning of Homecoming week, so everyone is up there decorating their hallways. Then there is a youth activity that he has to be up there for. It is back to work tomorrow and football on Friday. I hope everyone is good and we will talk to you soon.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

No Air Conditioning??

Well the time has finally come where we can open our windows and enjoy the fresh air and not swaet to death. I was sick of not being able to have open windows and always running the air conditioner. It also is a killer in the electric bill department too. It is now only a balmy 87 degrees and it is actually getting down to about 65 at night, so it is actually nice to sleep not freezing cold from the air conditioner kicking in in the middle of the night. I enjoy the warmth, since I am always cold anyways. We have also been making good use of our fans. Some people think that we are crazy for not keeping it on, but most of them understand because they have been cooped up for the whole summer, we have only been here 2 months.

This past weekend brought us time to do a lot of nothing. There was no football on Friday, so we rented some movies that we still haven't watched, but maybe we will get to them this Friday. But have no fear, there is always football on Saturdays. We once again got to watch Wisconsin. We then went over to where Tavis is staying and had a BBQ, but it was like brats and hamburgers, not Texas BBQ. We did for some reason use the big smoker. It was quite funny, the three Yankees trying to figure out the smoker while the one Texan just stood in the window and watched the whole thing. Sunday took us to church and then to Pete's new place. It is a nice place and close to everything. We even made a trip to Ikea. Pete and I dropped Chad off in the cafe they have, because there was a television there and Pete and I got some stuff for his apartment. We went back to his place and he cooked us some baby back ribs. They were really good. We also played Phase 10. Which of course I won, after being way behind. Monday brought us back to the work week. I actually had all five kids there, the twins went home a little early when Kate decided she didn't like what she ate and threw it up. Chad had Parent/Teacher conferences yesterday and then Pete came over for dinner on his way home from his volleyball game in The Woodlands. Today Tuesday, brings a day of laundry and cleaning for me, then to Athletic Period. I think Tavis is coming over for dinner tonight (Jen is still in Wisconsin finishing up house stuff). Tomorrow is my last day for the work week, because there is no school on Friday. We are looking forward to Astroworld this weekend with the Key Club and I will have a fun time just trying to get Chad on the roller coasters.

Friday, September 24, 2004

A Baby's Mind

Aren't you glad that you can't always remember things before you were about 3 years old. At work each day I think about all the things that the kids do and wonder why they do them, but then it makes sense, they don't remember it anyways. Like who really wants to be in a dirty diaper, scream your head off just because your mommy left you for a few hours or get all messy when eating your applesauce. It makes perfect sense to them, but then in 3 years, they won't remember it anyways.It is fun watching my kids at school.
I have only been having one on Fridays, so I usually combine with the class next door and we have some fun. It makes things a lot easier if there are two adults in the room too. I really like the teacher next door, her name is Allison and her mom actually works over at Concordia. We have a good time together and laughing at all the silly things some of the kids do. Or even just the habits they have gotten into to go to sleep. Like one of the boys in her class puts on pacifier in his mouth and another one between his toes. It is funny what some kids do.
Well besides work, we haven't been doing too much. It will be a pretty slow weekend. No football tonight and no real plans for the rest of the weekend. It is nice that the Astros are in Milwaukee, becuase now we can watch them this weekend.
Pete got to move into his new apartment this week. Tavis and Jen Schlicker will actually get to move into their own place next week. They were looking for a house, but haven't found one yet, so they are moving into an apartment for the time being.
Next weekend we are going to Astroworld with the Key Club from Concordia. I know that I will have fun, but with Chad not all that thrilled about roller coasters, it could be a long day.
A baby's mind-try to think of your earliest memory. I remember when the stereo fell on me when we lived in the duplex. There are only a few things I remember about the duplex, and we moved out of there when I was three.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Our First Visitors
It all started on a hot September day 4 days ago...

Well we have gotten and lost our first real visitors. (Pete you don't count, because you live here now) We have had a pretty fun weekend, with lots of laughing at each other, other people, and things we see. Mom and dad got here on Thursday night and after Chad and I drove around the airport several times, we finally found them and took them home.

Friday brought a day of work for both Chad and I, dad went to see his Interstate friend Roger who lives in College Station and mom stayed around the house realxing. When we got home, we went to get some Mexican food and then to the Concordia football game. That game was actually quick this week and I think the other team was thankful, because when we left at the beginning of the 4th quarter, CLHS was winning 47-0. We did get to see the Sonic Hot Dog (Sonic is a Drive-In type fast food place), it wasn't like the mascot hot dogs were are used to seeing, but it did make for a few good laughs.

Saturday we managed to get up a reasonable time, of course dad had already been to McDonald's for coffee. Amy did call to see how everything was going. We decided after much debate to go see Mr. 3000 at noon and then get some lunch. I would recommend this movie, especially if you are a Brewers' fan. They really do a good job of showing Milwaukee in it's true fashion. Also some very funny cameo appearence by the Sausages. We then went to eat and go get Pete to go to the Astros game. We got down there fine and the stadium is a great facility. We got to sit in the front row right along the third base side, so Chad did manage to get one foul ball as it rolled along the wall. We managed to make 3 friends while we were there. One, the cockroach who was as big as my palm, the security guard Carlos, who strikingly looks a lot like James Rivas, and a man who traded us a beer for one of the free Astros coffeemugs they were handing out. We also all got booed by our whole section when Chad got the ball and they all saw that we were Brewers' fans. The night did end up bad for the Brewers, but we still managed to have a great time. The 7th inning stretch was the most fun all night, we sang "Take Me Out To the Ballgame" and then, not the Beer Barrel Polka, but "The Stars at Night, Are Big and Bright.....Deep In the Heart of Texas", it was the awesomest thing, for 40,000 people to be singing and clapping to that song.

Sunday we went to church (Chad and I had to sing at both services), came home to fire up the grill with some brats and Chad was in heaven because the Lions were actually on TV (they were playing the Texans). Pete came over and we ate and then played a few hands of Phase 10. Then it was about that time to take mom and dad to the airport. Now it is a couple hours of realxing before starting the week again. But at least we get to watch the Brewers' game (hopefully they can pull out one win down here). Mom and dad, it was great to have you here, hopefully you will get down here again soon.

I hope that everyone enjoyed their weekend, even if the Packers did lose. Have a great week and hopefully we will hear from you soon. Enjoy the pictures from the weekend below.

The Brewers' Fans who got booed for getting the ball in the third inning Posted by Hello

Muscle-man Jenkins Posted by Hello

They call this the superteam?? Posted by Hello

They breed them big here Posted by Hello

Enjoying a beer at "The Juice Box" (Minute Maid Park) Posted by Hello

Pete on top of a large ball (baseball that is) Posted by Hello

The Sonic Hot Dog.. looks a little different then the #4 Hot Dog Posted by Hello

We left at the end of the 3rd quarter (we were winning 47-0) Posted by Hello

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Just another Tuesday

Well, Tuesdays and Thursdays are my days off from work, but it sure doesn't feel that way. I am usually trying to get things done around the house, like laundry and grocery shopping. Then when I think I am able to enjoy my day off, I remember that I go over to Concordia on both days in the afternoon to help with Athletic Period for basketball. I figure at least it keeps me busy. I am enjoying Athletic Period, I get to have the team to myself on Thursdays and we have some fun conditioning and doing some drills. On Tuesdays we split the girls in half and I get to work with the girls who aren't on the same level as the varsity girls. So I am working with the freshmen and sophomores. It is good practice, the girls are great. I think we have a lot of fun. It is nice because Athletic Period isn't as intense as a practice would be, but you are still at least accomplishing things that help them.

Chad had the Freshmen retreat on Sunday to Monday, so Jen and Shelby Schlicker stayed over on Sunday night. He said that the retreat was okay, he didn't get much sleep though. He is finally in the groove of school and is getting used to all the differences here.

We are looking forward to mom and dad coming down on Thursday. We are also looking forward to going to the Brewers/Astros game on Saturday. I'm not sure what else we have planned, but I know that Chad is looking forward to watching not just the Michigan State game, but also the Lions will actually be on, because the Texans play them on Sunday. We are also planning on going to the Concordia game on Friday night.

Things here are good. Some days it still feels weird that we live in Texas, but I am getting used to that. It will all come with time. I am hoping that we will get some more visitors (especially when it starts to get cold up in the north). I hope that all is going well for everyone. We will talk to you soon.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

The Weekend

Do you ever wonder where the weekend actually goes. I am sitting here at 5pm on Saturday and I feel as if my weekend is over even though I have a day and a half left. Maybe it is because I do not have pressing issues to take care of; no practices or games to be at, no visiting of nieces or nephews, no classes to prepare for. It feels as if this weekend is just here. I think that now we have settled into our place and are getting used to being here, it is just one of those days where you feel as if you should be doing something, but then you think about it and realize that you really don't have anything to do.

Last night, we did not have any football to attend, so we had the Schlickers over. We entertained ourselves by watching Shelby (their 18 month daughter) rip anything in her reach off our shelves. We did have a good time. It was nice to relax and just visit with them. Today however, has been filled with watching college football and for the second week in a row, we have even gotten to watch the Wisconsin game.

Chad and I are now both singing in the choir at Trinity and have to sing at the early service tomorrow. Then Chad has the Freshman Retreat tomorrow afternoon until Monday afternoon. I think that Jen and Shleby might come over, because Tavis also has to be at the retreat.

For anyone who cares, Christa and Paul Kieper had their baby on Thursday morning. It is a boy, Isaac Martin. I am going to go over there on Tuesday to see how everyone is. I hope that everyone is doing well and enjoying their weekend. We will talk to you soon.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Days filled with drool, diapers, and naps

I began work today, that is an understatement when you spend the majority of the day wiping noses, bottoms, and trying to get the kids to not call you momma. It was a pretty alright day. I had three kids today, but normally it would be five. (the twins are on vacation) I have one that looks like a clone of Chad's brother Josh and even has his personality. I have one who looks like a girl, but isn't. Then I have the adorable one, but he doesn't walk yet, so it makes for interesting outside time on the playground. Overall I had a good day, it was a good start and I hope that it continues that way. On Friday I will just have two, my Josh clone and the one who cried the whole day yesterday. I figure at least I only have those two, so if she is a crier again, it will be easier to handle.

I have also been going to Concordia on Tuesdays to help with Athletic Period 8th hour. Really it is so I can take the basketball girls and do some drills with them. I now will also be going on Thursdays to do conditioning and agility drills. I am excited for basketball, but the head coach may take some time to get used to. He is a very nice person and knows a good amount, but he is disorganized and only cares about his varsity starters. There are three really talented girls on the team, 2 pretty good and them the rest just need some extra work, so guess who gets to work extra, that's right me. He tells me he likes to concentrate on defense and I am thinking that is because it is easier. So he is always looking for new offenses and doesn't always see that it doesn't need to be real elaborate. I feel as if I am going to be the one, who is always asking, "what about this?", "what if we tried this?". I think that it will be a good time, the girls seem pretty excited for the season and are ready to work hard.

Chad is getting used to everything here. We are lucky enough to not have a football game this weekend, so that means we will actually be home Friday night. He has the freshmen retreat this weekend. We are looking forward to mom and dad being here next weekend and to go to the Brewers/Astros game.

Well I hope everyone is doing good. I will write more of the saga and woes of being one and a half and having to be away from your mommy for 5 hours.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Day of Labor

On Labor Day, do we really do any labor?? This is a day where most people just relax and maybe invite some people over for a BBQ. Today should really be called "Say good-bye to summer", since that is what so many people associate Labor Day with, the end of summer. Remember, now that Labor Day is over, you need to put your whites away and start getting ready for fall and winter. If any of you are like me, I will probably still wear white. I am hoping by doing so, one of those makeover shows sees me and I get a new wardrobe. I hope that everyone had a non-laboring Labor Day.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

My favorite brother-in-law: Joel Posted by Hello

Ode To Joel

To my brother-in-law Joel:What a funny guy he is. So he says to me today, "the reason I don't have a blog is because I wouldn't update it everyday, so I don't know why you have one if you don't update it." Well my apologies to you Joel. I did not read in the blog owners manual that you have to update it everyday, but now that I know you are anxiously waiting to hear how life in Texas is, I'll make sure I always write something for the day.

Joel you would love Texas (and we are expecting a visit sometime). Why you might ask, because everything in Texas is big. That includes the food and portion sizes. You see Joel likes to eat. Now as you can see from his picture, he's a pretty fit guy, but he needs to make sure he eats at least 7 times a day. There have been times when we are all home and we have to plan things around Joel's eating schedule. The portions here in Texas are Joel sized. If you want a steak you can't get like a 6oz steak, the smallest one they have is 16oz. BBQ back home is brats, burgers and maybe some chicken. Here BBQ is like the ribs Fred Flintstone would get at the beginning of the cartoon (you all know what I am talking about-when they put the ribs on the side of the car and the car tips over). Joel has a good sized gas grill, but that is nothing compared to the size of pits here (that can't even call them grills they are so big). You see here in Texas people need to get in there F5500 diesel trucks and they pull their pits behind them to an open field, where there is no fear of starting buildings on fire and they begin their BBQs. So Joel, I am inviting you down to experience a Texas sized BBQ with all the trimmings and a challenge to see if it can fill you up.

So this brings me to the thought that I wonder if other people think. Living here now for a month, we have noticed that every person drives a truck (most without a gun rack and confederate flag). I wonder if people who drive the big F5500's feel that they are more macho then those people driving the rangers. I have a feeling that the bigger your truck and the more is sounds like a semi, the better you feel about yourself. There are trucks here that you need a ladder to get into. This afternoon Pete, Chad, and I went to Sonic for some lunch and we were sitting outside and during the 30 minutes we were there at least 5 trucks came through the drive-thru that sounded like they were semis, as I would turn to look at each driver I would see that all of them were smaller men with a big cowboy hat and a big truck. So here is what I am wondering, so you think that by having a bigger truck those men feel that once they step out of their truck, people will not notice they are still 5 feet tall because they have such a large truck??Disclaimer: This is not intended to offend Joel, you know that I love you and just have to give you a hard time since we haven't seen you in like 2 months. I just haven't been the same without being at mom and dad's and getting annoyed with all your questions. And just a quick note for you, if you are planning on getting anything done Monday morning remember that whatever it is, it probably opens around 9ish. Take care, we'll talk soon.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

It's a lot more confusing than it looks Posted by Hello

The Airport

Already this morning I have been to and back from Bush Intercontinental Airport. Tavis (the Choir teacher), is flying back to Sheboygan to drive back with his wife and daughter, who will now actually be living down here for good. That airport is very spread out and not very efficient. It was kind of like Walt Disney World. You see the sign that says Welcome to _________ (in this case Bush Intercontinental Airport) and you are like alright, I am here. No, the people who planned these places just like to make you think you are there. Needless to say, we drove another 2 miles before we even got to the terminal we needed to get to. Then you have the rent-a-cops directing traffic and they are trying to get you to move even before passengers are out of the car. This morning they were no different, but you need to remember that we were there at 7am and besides us, there were three other cars. The rent-a-cops were still trying to get us to go before Tavis even opened the door to get his bag. As all this is happening, I am just hoping that Chad got up, got ready, and was to school on time. When I passed Concordia on the way home, the car was there, so he was at least there.

We are looking forward to the long weekend. Pete is coming over on Saturday and we are going to attempt to grill some ribs. It may be a disaster, but we will have fun. Besides the football game on Friday, we don't have major plans. I hope that you all enjoy your extra day(s) off.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Deep in the Heart of Texas....

...well maybe not in the heart, but definitely in the deep. We have now been Texans for 4 weeks and I am not sure that everyone here accepts us as Texans. We did however venture to the Western Store. Chad got a nice Texas belt buckle and I got my cowboy hat. I think that I left those stores with a side ache from laughing so hard at some of the people there. There was one man who I felt bad that I laughed at him, but he was trying on cowboy boots in his khaki shorts and polo. I was just hoping that he wasn't planning on wearing that outfit in public.

Chad has started school and is finally getting into the swing of things. He is enjoying his classes and getting comfortable in his office.

What else says Texas like Friday night football. We experienced the first game of the season this past Friday. I of course had the time of my life (I was using sarcasm there). Chad had the honor of being the honorary coach of the night, so he got to spend it on the sidelines. I got to spend it in the stands talking with Christa and Suzanne.

This week is my last week of complete freedom. I start work next week at Trinity's Early Childhood Center. I am working on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays with 5 one-year-olds. On Tuesdays I go to Concordia for the last class period of the day to help with athletic period. That means I get to have extra practice time with the basketball girls. (I am the girls assistant varisty coach at CLHS)

We are awaiting our first visitors from out of state and the honor goes to my parents who will be here September 16th-19th. So remember for you who live in colder climates, you can always come down for a visit when you want to escape the snow.

...this is what we came to. Posted by Hello