Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a Weekend!!!

I know that it is Thursday, but it has taken me two days to get this post finished in between laundry, naps, MOPS, and all the other normal everyday happenings here.

Okay so I will admit that I am getting older, but I have to say that even though I was in bed by about 11pm every night this weekend, it was one of the best weekends I have had in a long time. We had so many laughs and stories to share and time to just hang out. So here is how it went down.


Maddie had school- I thought that I would be taking her since on Monday and Wednesday she wanted me to take her, but grandma was already taking her, but nope she wanted grandpa to take her to school. So while she was at school I got the bathroom cleaned and then Lilly and I went and ran 2 errands before picking Maddie up. Emma of course, didn't want to leave the house, but more on that later. Grandpa went to play golf in the afternoon, Emma and Lilly napped and Maddie and I waited for Jill and Jay to get here from Minnesota. They got here around 1:30. Maddie played shy for about 5 minutes and then was wrestling with Jay. After the other girls got up from nap we all headed out to ML to get Chad from practice. Since we all know Chad's time management, we ended up running around at school for about an hour. We headed over to Champps for some dinner and then home to put the girls to bed and play some euchre. This was all in the course of lots of laughs because Jay fell of the curb, no one could remember what trump was and Jill kept forgetting about the left bowers. We then decided to call it a night knowing that the next couple of days would be long.

Chad was off to his game by about 9am and we all kept wondering if it was going to get canceled, because there was some rain, but it ended up not being enough to cancel. Anne and Fritz got dropped off around noon since they spend Friday night with some other friends. We waited for the Chapmans and then it was off to the mall to eat before the game. It seems that the food court is one of Maddie's favorite places to eat. We headed out to Chad's game, not knowing which field they were at, but we took a shot in the dark and headed to Madison Park and they were there. It was a good game, the kids played on the playground, we actually saw most of the game, Lilly got passed around, and it even turned out to be a pretty nice day. They ended up losing by one, but it was a pretty good game. Jay, Jill, Anne, Fritz, Lilly and I headed out to Germantown to drop some stuff off for Sunday and we hung out for just a little while before needing to get back to the house. We played cards, watched the Brewers, and laughed for the rest of the evening. The Chapmans headed down to my aunt and uncles for the evening and mom and dad went with for a little while. Once gain I might have been sleeping by about 11pm, but I still had a great time.


The big day!! We all were up and ready to go and got to church in a timely fashion. Lilly did great, I don't think she made a peep the whole service. Anne was relieved when uncle Kurt held her for the majority of the service. The other girls were a little loud, but we survived- even being in the front row. After the service we headed up to Germantown for lunch and a day of playing outside. All the kids enjoyed the swing set, the sandbox, and of course grandpa J's pond with the fish in it. Most everyone was on their way around 3pm and we spent the rest of the afternoon just sitting around talking and laughing. If you haven't guessed there is a theme to this weekend, talking and laughing. We got home and the girls weren't quite ready for bed, so we let them stay up for a little while. While Maddie was enjoying her peanut butter sandwich, Anne was enjoying telling her stories. Maddie was laughing and it was just so funny to listen to the two of them. I'm pretty sure Maddie thinks Anne is the coolest, even if she is a Mets fan. Anne and I headed to Kopp's for an after dinner snack, of course everyone else put in an order as well.

We were heading to the Brewers game- it was a 1:05 game. We were planning on tailgating, but decided to just cook the food here and then take it down to the stadium. We didn't have to hassle with a grill and all those things. The girls headed to the grocery store in the morning, but then had to stop at Kohls only because I was making fun of Chad for wearing a CC shirt, since he doesn't play for us anymore. So we all picked up a new Brewers shirt for the boys. Lilly also got some new Brewers gear too. We got the cars loaded up and headed out. We were only in the parking lot for about an hour, but the boys played bean bags, while we just sat and people watched. That is always fun at the stadium. Into the game we went. I knew that I wouldn't see too much of it since we had all three girls. Emma fell asleep in the 2nd inning, Lilly spent most of the game with Jill, and Maddie settled after about the 4th inning. It was a really quick game (2hrs 27min) and it even went into extra innings. The Brewers did end up winning, too bad they lost the next two. We went back out to the parking lot to wait for the traffic and then it was off to the airport to drop Anne and Fritz off. They got home with no problems. Jay and Jill headed back to Minnesota from the game too. We spent the rest of Monday just catching our breath.

The last couple of days we have been cleaning and playing catch up on the laundry. It is nice to think that the week is already almost over. Chad has his last day of classes today, student help day tomorrow, and then finals next Mon, Tues, and Wed. He has his regional baseball game tomorrow. Good thing it is suppose to be sunny and 70. If they win they play Tuesday. He is also heading down to Texas on Saturday afternoon. He is giving the graduation speech down at Concordia. It is a short trip, but I am sure that he will have a good time. I'm sure we will manage while he is gone. We are going to the Brewers game on Sunday with my parents and the girls. Maddie has school Monday and a field trip Tuesday and that is the last day. Then it is her birthday Friday. I think we are just planning on having some cake and giving her her presents on Saturday. Nothing too big, but a little celebration for her. I guess I should get going on that, since it is just about a week away. Any ideas, throw them my way.

Enjoy all the pictures from the weekend.

Anne and uncle Kurt- we will have to photoshop Michael in

The whole Janetzke Clan- all 16 of us

The mini-Janetzke clan (role reversal- Emma in her jeans and Maddie still in her church dress)

The General in his grandpa get-up

The cake picture

Maddie and Ben playing on the swing set

How many kids can fit on the swing set??

Maddie got a sliver and so she was soaking her finger- we finally got the last of it out today (Thursday)

Fritz, Anne, me, Chad, Jill and Jay

Fritz and Lilly
Anne and Lilly tailgating

Fritz and Emma just hanging out

In all our Brewer gear- Maddie doing her pout pout face

Maddie enjoying her cotton candy at the game

How Emma spent the first three innings

Anne, Lilly and I after the game

How Maddie ended up on the way home from the airport

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hell's Bells

So there have been 19 home games for the Brewers and I have been at three of them. Now remember that Hoffman was also out for the beginning of the season, but last Wednesday we went to the game and I got to hear Hell's Bells for the first time in Miller Park and let's just say that it was awesome. The roof was closed because it rained throughout the whole game and so it was even louder and shook even more. It was cool to see what you know will be a future hall of famer do what he does best. He got the job done and I think it was all in about 10 pitches. Thursday was a day game and we actually thought about going, if I would have known how nice it was going to be I would have taken Maddie. Anyways, one of the pastors at mom and dad's church said that he was driving on 41 past the stadium when Hoffman came in to pitch and with his windows closed, he could hear Hell's Bells. Back to Wednseday's game- was so hoping that Weeks would have gotten that double to hit for the cycle. We then wouldn't have to always have the trivia question about Chad Moeller being the last Brewer to hit for the cycle.

You didn't think that I would post and not give a Lilly update. Well she is doing great, the girls still think that she is still pretty cool. I am waiting for the day when the novelty wears off. This past weekend Maddie went with grandma and grandpa Heff to visit the Pownell's in Iowa. They left Saturday morning and got back in the early evening Sunday. Chad had a game in Racine on Saturday. Emma, Lilly, and I headed up to Germantown to hang out and then Chad joined us later in the day. We stayed over there and on Sunday we finally got the swing set up. The boys took care of that while Christina and I did some yard work.

We are getting ready for Lilly's reaffrimation on Sunday. Jay and Jill are coming down on Friday and so I am hoping that we get some good card games in. Then on Saturday Anne and Fritz will be here and so I am sure that we will be heading to Chad's game as long as the weather cooperates, then we are just planning on hanging out since we all don't see each other that much. Monday the Brewers play the Cards and so some of us are going to that. Of course we just swept them down there and so I am hoping that we don't embarass ourselves here.

Maddie has just a couple weeks of school left- we are trying to get her to grasp the concept of summer vacation. She knows that she doesn't have to go to school, but doesn't quite get why it is such a big deal. She is going to VBS at grandma and grandpa's church since ours isn't having one this year. I am also thinking about putting her in tennis lessons through the rec department- she told me she would rather do tennis then t-ball.

Emma is still working on this whole potty thing. She is going every once in awhile, it is usually just a fluke. She is still not so sure about school, but I think it is growing on her. We will see how the summer and this potty thing goes. She has always been afraid of the carwash, but in the last couple of days every time we say that we are going somewhere, she has to make sure that we are NOT going to the carwash. I think she must have dreamt about the carwash or something. She is just so funny sometimes.

Chad has two weeks of school and then finals. Graduation is June 5th. He is going down to Texas on the 30th for graduation there. I know that he is looking forward to it. Baseball is starting to wind down. They have two conference games left, a tournament this weekend and then their regional game on the 29th. They got a 4 seed and so that means that they get a home game that day.

We are getting ready for summer here- just trying to get through the last few days of school without any major problems.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day Craziness

So we came home from the hospital on Saturday morning and had some visitors later in the afternoon. Grandma and Grandpa J came over. Grandpa J had been in St. Louis when Lilly was born, so he had to get his time in. Aunt Kendra and uncle Kurt came with them and also Aunt Kathy along with cousins Luke and Ben drove up for the day. The came by and hung out for just a little while, but it was nice to see them and let them meet Lilly. Luke really liked her and just wanted to hold her. Ben wasn't as sure, but still wanted to check her out. The rest of Saturday we just hung out at home eating pizza and watching the Brewers. Ben and Christina came over for a little while in the evening and then it was off to bed (or to see what sleep we would get).

Lilly is actually a champion eater and sleeper. She is a little mixed up, but has been doing great. She eats just about every 4 hours and even sometimes about 5 at night. Chad has been letting me go to bed around 10 and he will feed her around midnight. She will usually sleep soundly until 2/2:30, but then gets a little restless. I can rock her back to sleep and she will sleep for another 2 hours or so. We will feed somewhere between 4 and 5 and then it is back to sleep until about 8am.

We headed to church on Sunday, some of the older ladies around us couldn't believe that she was just 3 days old. It was kind of funny to see their reactions, but she was great and slept the whole time. When we got home the Chapmans and Heffelfingers were already here. So that meant craziness was coming- 7 of 8 cousins were at the house for Mother's Day. We missed having the Pownell family, but will see them in a couple of weeks. Who was going to the Brewers game was still undecided, but eventually dad, Alan, Amy, Chad, and I went. So that meant that mom, Tracie, and Joel took on the 7 kids and no one had anything broken or bloody when we got back. They did great. Tracie cooked some lasagne and pizza for dinner, it was yummy. My aunt, uncle, and cousin Alex stopped over and the kids just went nutso because Alex was entertaining them. Chad, myself and Alex took Kate, Ben, Maddie, Ella, Sam, and Emma to the playground for a little while, while their parents were getting ready to go home. Ben and Christina stopped over again, very briefly, I think they were a little intimidated by all the chaos. Everyone was on their way home and we all just took the rest of the evening to relax.

Monday Chad took the day off and helped by taking Maddie to school in the morning. We had to take Lilly to the doctor to get her Hepatitis B shot- Emma was with us, but didn't want to stay in the room while Lilly got her shot. We picked Maddie up and made sure to let Mrs. Willer see Lilly, since Maddie made sure to let us know that we needed to bring her to pickup. We grabbed some lunch and then headed home for naps. Chad had a game and so he was off to his game. Tuesday it was just us girls and we did just great. It was a nice day and after grandpa got home, we headed out to Chad's game. Well grandpa, Lilly, Maddie, and I did. Emma was all ready to go and then we started walking out the door decided she wanted to stay home with grandma. It was a little windy at the game, but it was actually pretty nice. Today was school again for Maddie- grandma dropped her off on her way to work. She was going on a field trip to Greenfield park to learn about frogs, but then she said that they didn't see any frogs. Oh well, I guess it was a little too cold for the frogs. We are hoping we don't get too much rain this afternoon- we are suppose to be going to the Brewers game tonight, but we will see how the rain goes.

Here are a few pictures from me trying to get a good one for Lilly's birth announcements. Maddie got in on the shoot and even took a few herself.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Lillian Joy

Here she is:
Lillian Joy
7lbs. 14oz
20 1/2 inches

Lilly wanted to wait for her own time to come and also to make quite the entrance. We headed to the hospital about 11:30pm on Wednesday night. I wasn't sure if I would be admitted or if I would get sent home. I was admitted and was in the labor and delivery room around 1am. We had to wait until about 3:45am to get the epidural and then I was able to catch a few Zs. Chad was able to catch a little nap in there also. Around 7:30 am there was a shift change, so that meant a new nurse who has to start all the vitals and checks again. She checked me and I was about 8cm. She had another nurse check just to make sure. Well Lilly didn't like all the poking around at her and decided to slow her heart rate down. A resident came in and put a monitor on her head and after they stopped flipping me from side to side she decided to settle down. My doctor came in a little after 8am and told me to try pushing because her head was still a little high. So I started and about three sets of pushes later she was here. The cord was looped around her neck, not tightly, but still around. We were down in the labor and delivery room for about 2 hours before getting settled in our room for the next couple of days.

The girls came up with Chad in the later afternoon. They weren't so sure about it all right away, but I think there were too many people there. Grandma J, uncle Kurt, aunt Lydia, grandma and grandpa Heff, and I think they were a little intimidated. After the Germantown Janetzkes left and grandma Heff left for her meeting, they were a little bit more curious about Lilly and wanting to hold her. They each took a turn holding her, Maddie was a little more hesitant then Emma.

Friday I missed the Mother's Day celebration at school, but grandma Heff went in my place. After school the girls and Chad came to the hospital. Pasor Schroeder came to baptize Lilly, uncle Kurt who is one of Lilly's godparents got to skip school for a little while to come to the hospital for the baptism. We will be having a ratification on the 24th of May at church for her. Pastor Schroeder added another Janetzke to his baptismal list, he also baptized uncle Ben, aunt Kendra, and aunt Lydia.

The evening was pretty uneventful- uncle Ben and Christina came around 7:45 and stayed until about 9pm. It made the evening go a little quicker for me. I let Lilly go to the nursery again for the night so I could get some sleep, I figure tonight I don't have the option of her going to the nursery. This morning Chad came around 10am and we were on our way around 11:15am. We were waiting for my doctor to come and let me go. The girls were very excited when we got home- and now Lilly is resting with grandma.

I am happy to be home and back in the real world. We will be taking it easy today since tomorrow the Chapmans and Chicago Heffelfingers will be coming for Mother's Day. So that means lots of cousins around tomorrow. Chad is taking Monday off, which will help since Maddie has school and Lilly has a doctor's appointment. His baseball game this morning was canceled, but we are still waiting for word about tonight's game. It would be nice if the game was canceled and we could all just hang out, but I'm not that worried about it. I'm sure more pictures will be to come.