Saturday, June 19, 2010

Here are all the Pictures

Friday, June 18, 2010

JUNE?? What happened to May?

Okay so here is what we have been up to since my last post.

  • Lilly's had her first Birthday party- her godfather (Michael) surprised us by attending the party. He came all the way from Westpoint to be with us. That was awesome.
  • For Mother's Day Chad and the girls got me an iPod Touch ( i love it) the girls love that I put some cartoons on there for them
  • We celebrated Kurt's confirmation on May 16th. Chad got confirmed in 1993 and Kurt, the last one, 17 years later.
  • Same day we had a wedding shower for Ben and Christina
  • Of course during all this we are still playing baseball games about three times a week
  • On Monday the 17th, I had the Lutheran Special School Golf outing, I was in charge of the silent and live auction part of it. The auction raised $31,000. Not too bad for my first one.
  • May 19th we take Maddie to the ENT, she is having her Tonsils and Adenoids taken out and tubes put in on June 29th
  • The weekend of the 21st-23rd we enjoy our last free weekend until August 6th. We played at 5 playgrounds, saw a movie (Shrek 4), and just hung out, the 5 of us.
  • Found out that Chad got a bye as a #2 seed for the first round of baseball playoffs.
  • Friday the 28th Dina and I headed to Michigan for Anne's wedding shower. Once we got out of Chicago it was smooth sailing.
  • That same night had dinner with an old college friend who lives in the same area we were going to
  • Saturday the 29th, had a great wedding shower for Anne, got to hang out with the girls who were there in the evening. Laughed pretty hard that night at just about anything. Chad had extra help with the girls because Jill and Jay came to visit.
  • Sunday Lydia graduated from Living Word High School. Made it back from Michigan with just enough time to change and get to the ceremony. Got to play some cards with Jill and Jay
  • Monday took the girls to Stone Fire Pizza, it was a perfect day to take them and everyone had a great time. Had to say goodbye to Jill and Jay (don't worry they came back last weekend)
  • Tuesday we watched some Spartan baseball pull off a 7th inning, 2 out, suicide squeeze win.
  • Wednesday got to watch Spartan baseball (with no kids) win the Regional Championship in 9 innings 3-2.
  • Wednesday was also the last day of school for Maddie and Emma. I was Maddie's helper.
  • Friday the 4th, Kurt graduated from Trinity. Chad started 4K (at a different Trinity)way back in 1984 and this time 26 years later the last one graduated.
  • Saturday was Maddie's golden birthday. It was also Martin Luther graduation. We had some cake and beer with family that night.
  • Tuesday was to be Sectionals for Spartan Baseball, but they got rained out.
  • Wednesday the girls, myself, and Kurt drove to Oakfield Wisconsin to watch some Spartan Baseball.
  • Spartan Baseball won their first round of sectionals 12-4 against Palmyra/Eagle.
  • Spartan Baseball was in the Elite Eight for State, but ended up losing a nail biter in the bottom of the 7th to Winnebago Lutheran (those darn WELS).
  • Friday the 11th Maddie had her birthday party- 13 5 year olds running around Mt.Olive's gym and then watching a "drive-in" movie. She had a blast and I'm pretty sure so did everyone else.
  • Saturday Jill and Jay came back- They again helped Chad as I attended Christina's Bachelorette party.
  • Sunday Jill and I got to shop the outlet mall while Chad and Jay did a little golfing. We met the boys in Madision- the Olsons headed back to Minnesota and Chad and I got to spend the night in Madison.
  • Monday we walked State Street and UW campus in the rain, but had an awesome time.
  • Tuesday- back to reality.
  • Now that we are all caught up, not pics yet, but I am trying. This weekend is the baseball banquet and Father's Day (Chad got an iTouch too- don't worry he already has it)
  • Next week is VBS at MO and getting ready for uncle Ben's big day.
Going to try to post a few pics from each of the events that have taken place. Here's to catching up and trying to keep up. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far- I can't believe that it is already the middle of June. Yikes, where is the summer going?