Thursday, April 30, 2009


That is the game we are playing right now. We are always waiting to see if Chad's baseball games are going to be played because of all the rain we have had lately. Today it is suppose to be close to 65 degrees, but of course there is rain coming down also. Chad played last Friday and hasn't played since. They play the other teams in the conference twice and always in a row. So they play Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. So right now they missed Saturday and Tuesday's game against St. Joe's. The good thing is that usually when they need to be made up they can schedule a double-header with that team and not have to worry about trying to make up two separate games. I have a feeling there are going to be a good number of doubleheaders in the next few weeks. If they miss today's game and Saturday's has already been canceled because of both school's proms, those right there are two double-headers to make up. Okay enough trying to figure out when they are going to get to play those baseball games- they could be playing until the middle of June at this rate.

We are also waiting for baby to make her appearance. I go to the doc today and hoping that there is some progress. If this one decides to be like her sisters, it would be this weekend. It would be great if it was this weekend. Of course, Chad has one of those double-headers scheduled tomorrow down in Kenosha, so I'm sure that is when she is going to decide to come. I am ready for her to come, both myself wanting to be done being pregnant and also just everything is in order for her to come.

Other than waiting, there hasn't been too much going on. Maddie got to spend the night with Christina (uncle Ben's fiance) last Friday. Christina met us at school pick up, we all went to lunch, and then Maddie went home with Christina and spent the night there. We went out to school for the JV baseball game and they were there. She was so excited and that was all she could talk about for about 24hours after she got home. She has about 11 days of school left. She is done on the 29th. She also is going on a field trip this Friday and has been talking about it non-stop for the last few days.

Emma also enjoyed Maddie staying at Christina's because that meant that she got to have the house all to herself. We ran some errands and then spent most of the day at home because that is what she wanted to do. Talk about a homebody, this child would never leave the house if I didn't have to take her with me everywhere.

We will keep you updated on baby news. Maybe the next post will be introducing her to everyone.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Baseball, Easter, Baseball, Zoo, Baseball(do you see a pattern??)

Well we have been busy the last week or so. It seems like lately the time just gets away from me. We left off getting ready for Easter, which has come and gone. As most of you know, church and toddlers don't always mix. Maundy Thursday we decided to go to Mount Olive with grandma and grandpa because Chad had baseball practice and wasn't sure he was going to get to church on time. The girls were not having it and just could not sit still. So communion came and it was at the rail (which happens I think about once a year at MO- on Maundy Thursday). Maddie was with grandma all the way to the right side, which is next to the lectern. Some of you know what I am talking about, if not just try to picture an older church that has a distinct lectern and pulpit. So Maddie decided that she needed to check out what was over in the lectern and good thing she is not a little taller, but we later found out that she wandered over there and popped her little head over the lectern for all to see. Let's just say that we had quite the talking to after we got home from church.

Good Friday we decided that since evening church doesn't always work best for the girls we would go to the afternoon service. Church was at 12:15 and Our Redeemer actually gears is towards working people, so it is only about 30 minutes long. Of course Maddie in that short 30 minutes fell asleep. I think she must have taken lessons from Christian before we left Texas. She is getting real good at falling asleep quickly in the car or while at church. So when we got home we were all excited because not only was it Good Friday, but it was also Brewers Day (aka Opening Day here). So while we were at church, Bernie Brewer had come over to drop off some new Brewers shirts for the girls. Chad also got a new Tigers shirt too. Later in the afternoon- Emma decided she wasn't feeling too well and had a few episodes of throwing up. She was just a little under the weather, but came back strong on Saturday. Mike, Jana, and Nolan got here Friday evening and so we got to hang out with them for a little while before bedtime.

Saturday morning was an egg hunt at Mount Olive. We thought Emma was going to sleep through it, but decided that when she heard us talking about getting ready to go, she was ready to go too. So Emma, Maddie, me, grandma, grandpa, and Jana went up and hunted some eggs outside. They had about 25-30 kids there and 700 eggs, so the girls had lots of fun. They then got to hear the Easter story and hung out for a little while. We headed home and out to Chad's game. It was a nice day and they ended up beating the number 5 team in the city. Emma was still feeling under the weather, so she slept most of the game away in the stroller. The Chapman's met us there and the boys and Maddie had lots of fun running on the track, on the bleachers, and after the game on the field. We hung out the rest of the evening watching the Brewers and just playing.

Easter morning came and Emma was so excited to finally get to wear her big dress. Grandma cooked some pulled pork and other goodies. The boys (Chad, Joel, Mike, Jared, and Sam) went over to the playground to play whiffle ball. Sam was in heaven. He made sure that the game ended in a tie so both teams won. We ate dinner, hung out, and then some of us headed to the Brewers game. Mike, dad, Joel, Chad, and I went along with Kip and Jared. I figured that I better go to a game now, because who knows when I will get to go to another one. Maddie and Emma got to hang out with grandma, Jana, and Nolan. They were helping "babysit" Nolan.

Monday even with no school, it was time to get back into a routine. Chad had practice, I had my non-stress test, and grandma and grandpa were back to work. Chad had away games during the week and then today was at home. Maddie was back to school on Wednesday and Friday. Maddie and grandpa went to the Brewers game on Wednesday. She lasted about 6 innings before wanting to come home. I figured that with getting back into a routine of school that was pretty good. Thursday grandma went down to Chicago to pick up Kate and Ella (Kate had spring break, but Tracie didn't). They got back up here around 10:30 and were all ready to play. That afternoon while I was at the doctor, Maddie and Kate went with uncle Kip and auntie Susie to Wick Field to play. I know Maddie had a blast and wasn't ready to come home. So we all piled into the van to go get grandpa from work. We decided that since it was such a nice day to go out to Jared's baseball game at school. The varsity was playing away, but JV was at home. That also happens to be the team that uncle Ben coaches. The girls played and were enjoying being outside. I think we left about the 4th inning and headed home.

Friday Maddie was back at school. She was all ready to go because she loves Fridays. Not because for most of us it means the weekend, but because it means that it is gym day at school. What a nut. When Maddie was done with school grandpa, me, Emma, Ella, and Kate picked her up and headed to the Zoo. Well we were not the only ones with that idea. The line to get into the parking lot was backed up all the way to HWY. 100 on Bluemound. We decided to park in the neighborhood a few blocks away and just walk. It was a little bit of a hike, but the girls were all troopers. So we enjoyed the sunshine and animals at the zoo for a few hours. Grandma came and met us when we were getting ready to leave because my girls and I were heading up to Germantown for the evening to see other cousins Ben and Luke. We just hung out at the house Friday, playing outside, eating pizza, and talking. Saturday morning Chad was off to his game by 8:15 and the girls and I thought we would just hang out until the game started. Aunt Kendra and uncle Kurt ended up coming too, so we got to Chad's game and once again enjoyed the warm and sunshine for most of the day. Chad didn't quite squeak out the win yesterday, but it was a good game. With having other people there I actually can watch about 50% of the game. We just all took it easy last night and I think doing the same today. Chad has grades he has to get done and I know that there is laundry needing to be done too.

We have just a couple of weeks before baby gets here, so we are just trying to get a few things together. I think we are planning on putting up the swingset at grandma and grandpa J's next weekend. I know that it will make the girls happy to be able to go out and play on that. Other then that, we are just playing the waiting game. We are planning on having the affirmation of baptism on Memorial Day weekend- so doing a little planning for that too while I can. Here are a few pics from the past week. Maddie did not want to have anything to do with pictures on Easter morning, so you will have to pardon her pouts.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Hippity Hoppety- Easter's on it's Way

So every Sunday while getting ready for church Emma asks if it is Easter yet and each week we tell her how many more Sundays until Easter. Why is she so obsessed with Easter? Well the only reason a true princess would be- she gets to wear her big pretty Easter dress. This girl cannot wait for Sunday to be able to wear her Easter dress that hangs up in her room and she looks at longingly every Sunday.

Emma is still up to her mischievous self. You can't leave her alone for too long because you never know what she is getting into. She is known to take anything and everything out of any given drawer or cabinet. She is known to draw and anything with markers, crayons, pens or pencils. Sunday we were up by Chad's parents and we brought home some Easter things for the girls from his mom since they are going to be out of town. They were in some grocery bags and within 5 minutes of being home Emma was digging through the bags knowing that there was something in there. She is very insistent on certain things. There are somethings that you pick your battles with and others that you just let go. Sleeping with sandals on is one of those things you just let go.
We are still trying to get her to like the potty, but no such luck yet. She still wants to go to school next year. We did find out that Mrs. Willer is moving up to 4K afternoons, so she will have a different teacher then Maddie. I was glad to find this out now instead of like a week before school starts, so I can let Emma know and prepare her for the change.

Maddie is done with school for the week and doesn't go back until next Wednesday. She was very upset that there was no school on Friday even though we kept telling her that it is Opening Day she wanted to go to school. We kept asking why she wanted to go to school and she just said she did, finally on Monday she told me she wanted to go to school Friday because that is the day that she goes to the gym. Luckily they went to the gym today and so I think that helped. They also did a little egg hunt on the playground and a few other Easter crafts.

Chad has his first game today. It is actually 50's and sunny and so I think that we may head out there for a little while. It will be weird to watch a game in the daylight and not one starting at 7pm. I guess at least the good thing is is that the game will be over before 10pm and we can be home at a reasonable hour.

I am looking forward to the weekend Jana, Mike, Nolan, Amy, Joel, Ben, and Sam will be here and we will be going to the egg hunt at Mount Olive. Which here is known as grandma and grandpa's church. It is looking like it will be a nice weekend so hopefully we will be able to get some playing outside in. Sunday evening is the Brewers/Cubs game on ESPN. Joel,Mike, Chad, my dad, and I are going. I figure I probably won't get to too many game this summer, so I better go now.

Maddie got to watch the Brewers yesterday with grandpa- granted she would watch, leave, play with something else and repeat. Chad came home just as the game was ending and she made sure she informed him that "they are getting their butts kicked". Monday night Ben and Christina were over for the Michigan State/UNC game and she was bound and determined that she is going to spend the night over at Christina's apartment and watch movies. She then had to recap it for me the next morning because I wasn't here.

Here is a picture I took the other day- Maddie usually wants to wear a Brewers shirt and since when Maddie has one on, Emma wants to put hers on too.

Happy Easter to everyone. I know that I will be taking pictures this weekend so I will make sure to put them up.