Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Last Week

Last week Chad was gone for a few days at the Baseball coaches conference in Waco. The girls and I decided to have some fun while he was gone. The previous post shows you our good deals from Target. We also headed to the playground on Thursday and Emma was just having a great time "talking" to anyone who would listen.

Friday was a beautiful day and so we decided to head to the Zoo. Maddie knew exactly what she wanted to see and when. We of course headed to the elephants first. Maddie did a great job and walked the whole time. We ate lunch at the zoo and then headed home in the early afternoon. The Merry Go Round is under construction, but hopefully next time we go it will be fixed. Friday night we watched a movie and had pizza.

Saturday was another trip to the playground and then over to Diane's to watch the Packers game. Chad just met us there since that was about the time they got back from Waco. He said the conference was pretty good. The speaker on Saturday was Roger Clemens. He stayed clear of any steroid talk.

Sunday we had a pretty normal day. Church, lunch with Wilkes and then home. The girls took long naps and while they were napping, Michael and Christian came over and Chad and I just went bumming. We were going to go see a movie, but there aren't too many good ones out there.
This week has been uneventful. Emma had a doctor's appointment today. She is 33 and half inches and 29lbs. She has some more teeth coming, so can be pretty cranky. We then went to Trinity to sign Maddie up for preschool. So that means that potty training is beginning. She needs to be potty trained to go to school. She wants to go, so hopefully that will help with the process.

It is suppose to be on the cool side here, but hopefully it warms up and dries out for the start of baseball on Monday. That's right baseball starts. There is no school, but Chad has his first day of practice.

Hope everyone stays warm up north. You know that you are always welcome down here.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

What a Deal

It was like Christmas again in our house today. I told Maddie that we could go to Target and let her pick out some toys with the gift cards we got for Christmas. We had taken a couple of things back and so we had a total of $38 to spend in gift cards. Well to my surprise we got to Target and they had three aisles of toys all 75% off. She was in heaven. She picked each toy out herself and even had enough left over for a treat. I was so amazed at all the stuff they had. They have been playing with all the toys since we have gotten home. I put a few of them in the closet for later. Emma loves the baby stroller best, she keeps pushing the baby in circles around the house. I would have to say that Maddie likes the princess register the best. I think that was the best deal, it is originally $39.99 and I got it for $9.47. That was the most expensive toy of the day. I just had to share my awesome deals of the day. If you have time go check out your local Target and the clearance aisles.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Good to Be Home

Well we have made it full circle and are back in Texas. We had quite the relaxing break with lots of hanging out with family, playing Wii (Nintendo Wisconsin), playing Phase 10, and just enjoying our time up there.

We left Wisconsin on Thursday morning and got back to Texas on Friday early evening. We stopped off at school to watch Christian's basketball game and then got home to meet bumpa J who was down here for a conference. He spent the weekend with us and headed for the airport after church this morning. We have unpacked all our stuff and toys are being played with constantly. We even kept some toys in the closet to bring out later after the newness wears off a little bit.

The girls are enjoying being back in their own beds and also being able to play outside without having to put on all their gear. We were out riding bikes today. Chad put together the Diego bike so now we have two identical bikes for them to ride.

Chad doesn't actually have school until Tuesday. Tomorrow they have a meeting and then he will get some work done in the office. He is also heading to Waco on Thursday with Phill and Steve for a baseball coach's clinic. So he has an easy week to ease back into school.

Baseball starts on the 21st and so then the madness will begin. We are also going to be starting potty training, so just more to add to the madness.

Happy New Year!!!