Thursday, October 26, 2006

Dont' look at the arm around Ella. (Ella is 10 months and I think Emma actually out-weighs her) Posted by Picasa

Kate (if she would stand on her feet, she would be taller) Posted by Picasa

The Chicago Heffelfingers at the pumpkin patch Posted by Picasa

"I bet you $5 I can lift this" Posted by Picasa

"Mom, why am I wearing this stupid hat?" Posted by Picasa

This is the look she is always giving Maddie Posted by Picasa

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Can't sit still-do you see a pattern? Posted by Picasa

Right before the rain started Posted by Picasa

Rain, rain everywhere

It first started with school getting rained out last Monday and then it was rain yesterday both here and Saint Louis, so that meant no baseball for anyone. Chad I think was relieved. He was still bummed about Tuesdays game and had a bad day yesterday, so he told me he didn't think he would be able to take whatever outcome. He was emotionally spent. We still went over to Diane's house to wait it out. We all thought that the game was going to be played. During the day I had made Emma and Maddie tigers t-shirts from an iron on transfer on the computer. So then when Chad got home and saw them, he wanted one too. So we ended up making him, Phill, and Kim one too. I didn't get a picture of them all, but I'm sure that I will here some other time this week.

Last weekend Grandma and Aunt Jana came for a visit. They got in on Friday night. We went and got them from the airport. Maddie was putting on a show two minutes after getting them. We went to the pumpkin farm on Saturday. It is actually a Christmas Tree Farm, so it wasn't too big, but enough for Maddie. We then came home to relax and then get ready for Concordia's Dinner Auction. We left Grandma and the girls and headed up to The Woodlands. We had a good time. Chad kept leaving to check the score of the game. Mike also kept texting Jana anytime there was a change in the score. It was a fun night out. Grandma ventured to the playground with Maddie and it sounded like they had a good time. Sunday was church and then something to eat. We then had people over for the game on Sunday night. We just grilled out, grandma made German potatoe salad and an eclair torte. It was kind of comical, because I think that we had to run to the store about 4 times, because we kept forgetting some ingredient. Monday we went to breakfast and then it was off to drop them off at the airport. It was a short visit, but a good one.

The rest of this week has been a blur. Tuesday was parent/teacher conferences, so Chad had a long day. Today he is reffing a scrimmage at girls basketball try-outs, tomrorow is Football, Saturday I am co-hosting a party (at least it is not at our house), there is also a fallball baseball tournament at school, next week is Homecoming, so that means that sometime this weekend Chad will have to go supervise decorating. Then we have just two weeks from today that we will be leaving for Wisconsin. We are hoping that there is no snow, but at least some pretty fall colors. There are none of those here.

We hope that you are keeping warm. It has finally "cooled" off here. It has only been in the 70's with very little humidity. It is suppose to warm up a little, but not too much. We can't wait to see everyone in two weeks. Have a good rest of the week and a good weekend.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ride em' garbage Posted by Picasa

Sleeping with dad- good thing dad didn't fall asleep at the wheel Posted by Picasa

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Friday was actual football weather and Emma took advantage of it Posted by Picasa

On Cloud Nine

Well at least Chad is for now. He has been "celebrating" the Tigers winning the ALCS for the last 20 hours. Being excited and happy doesn't even begin to explain how he feels. I am happy for them and will be cheering for them. Now the problem comes in if the Mets would win the NLCS and the trash talking between Anne and Chad could start. There are also a few Cardinal fans at school and of course Scott our brother-in-law is a diehard Cards fan. So we have already committed to having the first World Series party here on Sunday. We would love to do it on Saturday, but Concordia has their annual auction that night. I have a feeling that Chad may be sneaking away every so often to check on the game.

So you may be wondering what else is going on here besides baseball. Well actually the last two weekends have been spent up at school to supervise the Tomball College club team games. Chad has to get the field ready and then just make sure that everything is cleaned up after and they pay him to do that. So we went up with him and got to run around in the gym and on the football field. Maddie was in heaven. It finally cooled down a bit. It has only been in the high 70's, it is suppose to warm up this week and then cool back down by the weekend. I hope that it is cool, I can't tell you how much I would like to wear something other than shorts and a t-shirt. I know I shouldn't be complaining since I heard that there were some flurries this week up north.

Maddie news: She is doing great. Talking more and more everyday. There are some words that anyone could make out and then there are some that I think Chad and I at least know what they mean. We did have a minor accident last week. We tripped over our own two feet and fell smack into the entertainment center. She had smacked her nose pretty good. We had the trainer at school look at it and there isn't much you can do for a nose, but she had faint black eyes and it bled a little. That still hasn't stopped her. She is also getting some more teeth. The two up top are coming in. You can feel them popping through.

Emma News: She is growing and growing. She is pretty consistent about sleeping at night. She usually is sleeping by 8:30/9ish and has been getting up about 7:30. She is also rolling from her stomach to back. She is getting used to being awake more during the day and can just sit and watch her sister run circles around her. We have a half thumb sucker. She still hasn't got the complete hang of it and so she is still using the nuk every now and then. She is real good about her thumb when she is in bed, so that helps with naps and bedtime.

Us news: Besides the Tigers there isn't too much else to report. Grandma Heff and Aunt Jana come on Friday. We can't wait. I know that Maddie will be ready to put on a show for them both. We are planning on going to the pumpkin farm on Saturday, then grandma gets to babysit while we go to the auction. It will be quick visit, but I think a good one. School is going well for Chad first quarter actually just ended on Friday. Basketball starts next week. It will be weird for neither of us to be coaching. I'm sure we'll be at the games, we also have Christian's games to go to also. We then will be home in just 4 weeks. We can't believe that it is coming up so soon. We are looking forward to Maddie and her cousins getting to hang out for the weekend. Make sure you all keep nice and warm up there.

Friday, October 06, 2006

And Yet Another Baby Born

This morning at 7:35am Faith Emelie Ruth Keiper was born. She was 8lbs 8oz and 21 inches long. She joins big brother Isaac. I don't have a picture, but when I get one I'll post one. Both mom and baby are doing well. Now both Maddie and Emma will have a Keiper to play with.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Another Baby Born

We want to congratulate Greg and Jaime on the birth of their daughter Naomi Lynn. She was born this past Sunday and it seems that all three are doing well. We are getting the chance to meet her on our drive up to Wisconsin for Christmas. We wish you all of God's Blessings on the start of another new walk of life. Congratulations!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A full night's sleep

Now I don't want to jinx it, but Emma has slept the entire night for the last three nights. When I say entire night, I mean the entire night. She has been eating between 8 and 8:30 at night and not getting up until 7:30ish. I am hoping that this continues and we are out of our once a night feedings. I have a feeling that some of this is due to the fact that she has found her thumb and I think she is going to be our thumbsucker. She still will take a nuk when we are rocking her to sleep, but by the time she gets put down, her thumb is in her mouth.

It has been over a week since the last post- I can't remember everything that has gone on, but we have had our taste of fall weather and now this week we are back to summer (90's and humid) While the weather was nice, we did venture to the park one evening along with about 100 other kids. Maddie likes to climb on everything, but she also loves to people watch. She also is a very friendly kid and was hugging other children. We will have to have that stranger danger talk in the near future. We also took in a Blue Knights football game. Christian plays on the team and it was their "Homecoming" game. I think it was the 8th graders last home game too, because they had their special recognition at halftime.

Maddie has been running a low temp, along with having allergies, and also a cold. We think she is getting some more teeth. So maybe we will go to Wisconsin in November with more than two teeth. This past weekend Chad's aunt, uncle and two cousins came down from Dallas. They got here on Saturday morning and stayed until Sunday afternoon. They had already met Emma about a month ago while we were up there, but they wanted to see the house and us, so they came down for a short visit. There wasn't too much excitement- boys watched some football, us girls did some shopping, we played cards and just visited. On Sunday we went to Resurrection for church, which is one of the association churches for CLHS. One of the pastors there used to be at their church up in Carrollton. We then had lunch in Old Town Spring, they took off for home and we headed for home to relax.

Here is just a hodge-podge of pictures from this weekend and before:

As you can see Emma and Maddie are both growing. Emma is starting to become her own person. You can definitely tell that they are sisters, but they are not carbon copies of each other. Emma is smiling all the time, especially when you talk to her or play with her. She is starting to sit for very short times by herself. She loves just watching what is going on around her.

The next few weeks are pretty low key until Grandma Heff and Aunt Jana come. We have no football this week, but next week is a home game. Then we have a just 5 weeks until we are in Wisconsin for the weekend. At the end of the month myself and one of the teachers at school are hosting a girls' night in to support breast cancer. We are having all the female staff members or wives come over to Kim's house and just have a night in. Instead of spending money on a night out, we are asking for everyone to donate that money that they would spend on a night out to breast cancer research. It should be a good time and just a nice night not at home.

There isn't too much else to report. Chad gets to go golfing for the Athletics Golf Outing on Monday. I know that he doesn't play as much golf as he would like, but at least he gets out every once in a while. He also got permission to wear his Tigers shirt to school today. He knows that he will probably get some comments, but he is very happy that the Tigers made the playoffs. We also have a deal with the Wilke's about the World Series. If the Tigers make it there, we have to have a party here and if they don't, then they will have a party at their house. So I'm sure that the next few weeks will be filled with baseball-not that our house isn't usually, but by this time most years, both our teams have been out of it for about a month.

Hope all is well with everyone. We can't wait for our visitors and then for our trip home. We are looking forward to seeing everyone and hopefully meeting Luke. Maddie is getting ready to dance the night away at the wedding and also to get a chance to play with cousin Ben. Have a great week. Go Tigers!!