Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring has...

A. Sprung
B. is springing
C. is thinking about springing

I would go with answer C. It has been raining for the last two days, so that is a good sign considering that it could be the white stuff falling from the sky.

Spring Break has sprung in our house, which means that it is crazy in here with all the rain going on outside. Yesterday they did get to spend the majority of the day at grandma and grandpa's with Aunt Kendra while I went to work for a few hours. They of course enjoyed every minute of it, even though Maddie wanted nothing to do with it at the beginning of the day.

Tomorrow we are getting a chance to spend an afternoon with friends. Thursday we will be visiting either the Children's Museum or Stonefire Pizza (think an upscale Chuck E Cheese). Friday we are heading to Valparaiso for the National Basketball Tournament. There are about 7 teams we will be looking to watch. Boys and Girls from Trinity Klein, where we were members at in Texas. The boys coach is a friend. The boys and girls from Trinity Cedar Rapids, where Chad went to grade school and where my sister and brother in law go now. Our Redeemer boys and girls, where the girls attend school now. Last but not least the Hales Corners boys team, another school from the area here, a lot of their kids end of going to Martin Luther, so we know some of their families.

Chad started baseball yesterday. If it keeps raining like this, the field will not be dry by next Thursday for the home opener.

The girls are doing great. Maddie is getting so excited for 1st grade. Her reading is coming along really well and I love that she will pick up a book and try to read it. She is also starting to read signs along the highway too. Emma is itching to be in all day school. She is the social butterfly of the family and loves to talk to anyone and everyone.

Along with baseball filling up our spring, we will be heading to Michigan for Easter this year. We are looking forward to seeing friends and family while we are there. Our summer is starting to fill up fast, but it is always fun to have things going on.