Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Visitors: here, gone and back in two weeks

That's right, it is visitor time. AKA: the northerners are sick of winter and are trying to escape it for a little while. This past weekend my parents were here and didn't get to see much sun or warm weather, but at least it was a bit warmer than Wisconsin. They got into Dallas on Thursday night after a 2 hour delay in Milwaukee where old man winter was coming to town. They drove about 3/4 of the way Thursday night and then got to our place on Friday morning. We just hung out for the day, they just enjoyed watching Maddie play and crawl around. Saturday should have been filled with baseball, but the rain and the cold made the day open for whatever came our way. We ate lunch, took a little drive, watched Michigan State Men's basketball, mom and me did some shopping, and that took up most of our day. Sunday we went to church, then it was to Katy to Katy Mills to find Chad's suit, it was a Christmas present from my parents. He ended up getting two, it was buy one get one. We did a little more shopping. Maddie got a few things, grandpa bought her some vans. Even Joel got something and he wasn't even with us. Then Monday we headed out to Conroe to check a couple of rentals out for Spring Break. That is when our next round of visitors are coming.

Spring Break is just in two and a half weeks. We are renting a place on Lake Conroe to hang out at for a few days with everyone. We will then spend some time around here and might even take in the rodeo. It will still be going on and since Ben enjoyed State Fair and all it's animals last year, we thought he might like to go.

The rodeo is huge down here. Might even be bigger than Summerfest, but we'll never know unless we go. So here's to cowboys, boots, and roping cows. Yee-Haw.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

We made it through a tough winter

That's right, winter was here and is now gone. We made it through okay, no real loses. We love when the temperature gets below freezing, it is so funny to watch the news and the locals' reactions. On Friday night there was about a 10 minute segment on the freeze coming and we just had to watch to see what it was all about. We pretty much just laughed our way through the news that night.

Well basketball is officially over. The varsity girls lost on Saturday, so they are out of the playoffs. So now all we have to concentrate on is baseball. First game is today. It should be nice out, like about 67.

This past weekend Chad got to play nurse and nanny. I ended up with the flu on Saturday and Sunday. Maddie kept him pretty busy both days, but he survived. I was feeling better yesterday, but went to the doctor and Chad stayed home with us too. Maddie and Chad even went out and took a trip to Target on Sunday.

This week we have visitors coming. My parents are coming in on Thursday to Dallas, but won't get to us until Friday morning. They get to watch some baseball and of course their main reason for coming is to see Maddie. Maddie is doing great, she is getting more adventurous each day. She is trying to stand by herself and she can for short amounts of time, but then she usually ends up falling. She scoots along all the furniture and everything is a toy to her.

Well Happy Valentine's Day to all. Hope that you know how much you are loved.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

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Winter Is Coming...

...yes it is true, winter is going to finally be here in Tomball. It is coming this Friday and should be gone by Tuesday. If you can call low 50's winter, then it is coming soon. That is what all the talk is about here. It has been so mild and now we are suppose to be getting some artic wind that will cool us down a bit, so you can imagine what all the native texans are thinking:
"I have to cover my plants"
"I have to cover my pipes"
"I need to get out my parka"
and my all time favorite
"I need to know where my children are"

Winter may be coming, but basketball is over for my JV team. I have to help some with Varsity while they are going through the playoffs. Both varsity teams made the playoffs, you would think there would be more excitement, but not really. That just goes to show that basketball is not all that important here. On Friday I played at North and won by 6 and then we headed back to school to see the boys varisty game, which actually felt like a real basketball game. The stands were completely filled and everyone was really into the game. I felt like I was at a game back up north. The boys ended up losing, but it was a really good game.

Baseball is in full swing and they have their first scrimmage on friday with their first game next Tuesday. Maddie has been roaming out on the field when practice is done and is getting used to the grass. It usually takes her a little bit to get going on it, but then she doesn't stop.

Maddie is doing great. She is figuring new things out each day. She has found the stairs, figured out how to get up them, so now there is a gate at the bottom that she can't stand. She is starting to stand for very short amounts of time on her own, it usually lasts about 3 seconds before she falls, but she is at least trying.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with all my extra time now, but I'm sure that something will come along and fill the void.