Thursday, March 24, 2005

Ben (wienerhead) with Kate's hat on Posted by Hello

Snow, a baby shower, a wienerhead, and San Antonio

Well it has been a while since the last time I had written. Well actually it hasn't been that long, but we have just done a lot in that week's time. We flew home on Saturday morning and got to Milwaukee at about 2:00 in the 30 degree weather after leaving from Houston and it being 75. We got a chance to relax for a bit and then I headed out to the mall with Jana and Amy. Chad and Joel went down to Miller Park to get something to eat. Elsa and Jill met us at my parent's house and then it was off to Kendra's play at Trinity for Youth. We headed home and the day was done. So there is the snow that I mentioned.

Next is the baby shower. My mom planned one for us and it was mostly family and card club and a few friends. We had it at Mount Olive and just hung out, talked, and ate. It wasn't anything too formal. There were no games played, which is just fine by me. Sunday night we got a chance to hang out with Elsa and Jill and just relax. Monday, mom took off work and so it was running around with her before we had to catch our flight. We headed out to Best Buy to get her laptop all hooked up wirelessly. We also headed to Wal-Mart, so I could get some Brewer's clothes for peanut, since here we just have Astros stuff. It was a good time. Jana came with us and we ended up eating lunch at Fuddruckers and then we headed back to my parent's, so Chad could hook mom up with her new internet connections.

The wienerhead part comes in from Chad. So being home, meant we got to see both Ben and Kate. And all of you who have ever spent time with Ben will agree that he is a ham. I bet that he will end up being the class clown. He is always performing for whatever audience will watch him. Chad started calling him wienerhead just for the fun of it, but then it just kind of was funny, because of all the things that he does. It orignated from some of the guys on the baseball team. That is what they say when they get mad at another player on the team and so one of the kids has been using it a lot and so it has crept into Chad's vocabulary. You can check out the picture of Ben above.

Last but not least was San Antonio. We headed there on Tuesday night and got back today, Thursday. It took us about 3 and a half hours to get there. We spent the majority of Wednesday down at the Riverwalk and the rest of downtown. We didn't head to the Alamo, since both of us have been there before. We rode the trolley, went to the Market Square, walked along the riverwalk and just enjoyed the day. I will have to say that it was a beautiful day. I even got sunburned as we were eating lunch outside. We stayed on the Riverwalk, but it was a little bit aways from right downtown. It was a lot of walking, but it was nice to not have a plan and just be enjoying our break. We got home today and did a little cleaning. We then headed to target to spend our gift cards. We got lots of stuff and had some fun shopping. Tomorrow is church, grocery shopping and awaiting our visitors. Chad's parents, and three youngest siblings are on their way down here now and will be arriving later in the day tomorrow.

If anyone has been trying to call us, mom, our phone has been acting up and just call the cell phones. It has been really weird, so don't freak, we are fine, but it is the phone line. Well I better get going, I have some laundry to finish and some sleep to get. I hope that everyone has a happy easter and if you are starting your break this week have a good one.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Not Much New

Well there hasn't been that much going on this past week. Maybe I should say that it hasn't been that exciting of a week. Well I left you with playing baseball on Thursday. Well we never made it to baseball. I went to school for 8th hour and I was told by Rita, the secretary, that Chad was not feeling well and was in the clinic laying down. I went back to see what was going on and he said that he had not been feeling well all day. So after school, we went home and Chad slept for a good 5 hours. He wasn't feeling a whole lot better on Friday, so he stayed home from school. I had to work and then babysit for Isaac. By the time I got home on Friday he was feeling better and so we just relaxed on Friday night. We got some food and a movie.

Saturday we were back to our normal selves and Chad had to be at school at 8am to help with Market Day. He then had to have a kid make up a test, but he was at least home by 11:30. We then were off for the day. We went a few places, like Best Buy (Chad got a new video game) and then a few other places. Chad actually got down to work on Saturday night and graded papers that needed to get done, so he wouldn't have to do it on Sunday. The rest of the week has been just normal things; work, baseball, athletic period, and waiting for Spring Break. We did head out and celebrate St. Patrick's Day for a little while. We met some people at Molly's, an Irish Pub, and hung out for about an hour and a half. It was crowded, but not unbearable crowded. Tonight was me trying to get some laundry done so I would have clothes to wear this weekend and now I am waiting for Chad to get back from his baseball game. They played a doubleheader in Navasota. He should be home by 10:45. We can't wait to go home tomorrow and hang out for a few days. Then we are heading to San Antonio for a couple of days, just to take a little side trip during break. Chad's parents and some of the kids are coming on Friday. so we will have visitors for a few days. I hope that everyone enjoys their break, if it is this week. Many of you we will see you on Sunday, but for those who we won't, I hope that you have a Happy Easter.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Nice Weather and Baseball

Well another week has passed and I am again trying to figure out where all the time has gone. I shouldn't be complaining that the time goes fast, but there are some days where I just need to stop and try to remember what I did the day before. I'll chalk that one up to mom and her forgetfulness. I left you last Thursday with the doctor and people are still making jokes about the bigger kid we have. I am not allowed to call it the "fat kid" because it offends it's grandma Heffelfinger. Friday was work, which is three one year olds and then it was straight to babysitting for a 6 month old. I had Isaac after school on Friday. We just hung out at the Keiper's house and Chad met us there. Paul got home around 8:30 and then the three of us just hung out and talked about school and sports. Christa finally made it home by about 10pm.

Saturday was another day of baseball for Chad. He was up and at school by 6:45am. He played at 10am and then again at 1:15, in Cleveland, which is about an hour and a half away. The 1:15 game was a surprise, because they weren't suppose to play until 4pm. So he got home at about 5:30, which was a lot earlier than thought. We headed out for some dinner and then for the fun of the evening was grocery shopping.

This week has just gone by and it seems like I sometimes forget what day it is. It has been work and baseball. I am just happy that the weather has been nice and so I am not sitting watching baseball freezing. Baseball was on Tuesday and then again today. I had Isaac again on Tuesday and we watched some softball and baseball. Tuesday was not a good game. They ended up losing 14-2, the team was a very well coached team and had some good talent on it. I had the luxury of sitting next to some parents who I no longer wonder why their children have the attitudes they do. I'll just sum it up, that as soon as their sons were taken out of the game, they all left. So then I had the luxury of sitting by some girls from Tomball High School, who one is the girlfriend of one of the players. I'll sum that one up by saying, I think my IQ went down 10 points for having to listen to them talk. Today's game is at 4:30, so that might mean will be home before 8pm.

This weekend is actually a weekend where there isn't too much going on. No baseball tournaments. Chad does have to be at school on Saturday morning for Market Day Delivery, but that is only for about 2 hours. I think that it will just a be a weekend for catching up on sleep for Chad and trying to get school work done before Spring Break.

We are looking forward to the short trip home, it will be a nice change of scenery for 2 days. We have also been thinking about maybe taking a road trip during the week over to San Antonio. We will see how the weather is and how much stuff we have to get done around here.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

We Let Our Kid Be The Fat Kid

The kid isn't even born yet, and it already has been labeled the fat kid. So I went for a follow-up ultrasound with the long wait doctor. The good news is that I didn't have to go downtown and I didn't have to wait for 2.5 hours. I waited for only about 5 minutes. So here it goes. Note: Chad didn't go with me, because he is missing school today and tomorrow because of baseball, so I exempted him from going.

The doctor was in a much better mood than last time, she asked how I was doing and how things were going. I told her good. So she was about to get started and she made the comment of, "Wow, you are a lot bigger than the last time I saw you, what have you been eating?". In my mind I was thinking, well you saw me 5 weeks ago, of course I'm bigger. So I told her that actually in the last few weeks my appetite has gone down. So she did her magic and the cysts that were there, are now gone and the baby is all nice and healthy. She again asked if I knew what I was having and I responded with "a baby". She actually laughed and then made a joke about carrying a kangaroo in that pouch. So she was finished taking all the measurements and asked if I had any questions. So I proceeded to ask her about the decreased appetite. She told me that it is because with the baby growing it puts pressure on the stomach and so I feel full faster. Makes sesnse to me and I would have been fine with that answer. She continues on, to let me know that this isn't going to harm the baby at all, because it is already 2 lbs. 11 oz. So at this point I am laughing to myself and wish Chad was there to hear that. So she showed me the graph of "normal" growth and our kid was on the upswing of the graph. So once I finally got to the car, I was able to have a good laugh to myself.

After the appointment, I ran by school, to take care of a few things. Suzanne, the Spanish teacher, was in the office and I was talking to her and had to tell her, how we have a fat kid. So we all had a few laughs and I went home. Suzanne, not being able to keep the fat kid jokes away, yells down the hall to Chad after school about having the "fat kid". Chad has no idea what she is talking about and so when I picked him up, we had a good laugh about it. So even before your kid is born, it is already labeled.

If the baby keeps growing at the rate it is, that means it could come a little early. I go to my regular doctor this morning and I'm sure that he will have a good laugh with me too. So don't think that you kid isn't already being labeled, even in the womb.