Friday, April 25, 2008

New Babies

There are two new babies to introduce.
The first one is Micah Ruben Truwe. He was born April, 2nd (I know I am a little behind). The Truwe's live in San Antonio, so we are hoping to make it there sometime to meet the little guy. This weekend is his baptism, but we are not going since we have friends from Minnesota coming to town tomorrow.

The second baby is Gavin Max Frixen he was born this past Wednesday, April 23rd. We are hoping to get the chance to meet Gavin this summer when we are up in Wisconsin.

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(Don't mind the Michigan hat- Karl is a huge fan)

Jay and Jill from Minnesota are coming to town tomorrow. We are planning on going to the beach at Galveston, so pray for no rain tomorrow. I'm sure I will have some pics after the weekend.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wisconsin Part 2

Thursday is grandma's day off and so we headed to the Betty Brinn Children's Museum. The girls loved all the Curious George things and also all the other things to play with. We were there for a good part of the morning and into the afternoon. Friday was a pretty slow day, the girls and I just hung out and played at home. In the evening I went to dinner with Josh, Ben, and Christina. We went to Front Row Friday's. It was packed, there was a game on. It was nice to see people actually cheering for the Brewers. I think I might have even seen more Brewers clothes than Packers while in Wisconsin. After dinner we met up with Eric and stayed out for a little while. Saturday the 5 of us plus the Chapman's went to Stone Fire Pizza. The kids had fun playing games, painting their faces, playing in the water table, and on the playground. The Chapman's came back to grandma and grandpa's house. They kids played and played until their energy ran out. The Chapman's went home and it was off the bed for everyone else. Sunday was church, we headed out to breakfast, then grandpa, the girls, and I got some gym time in up at M.O. Maddie was having a blast playing hockey. We watched a movie and ate ice cream in the evening (movie and ice cream per Maddie's request). Monday morning I got us packed and ready to go. Grandma went into work for a couple of hours. When she got home it was sunny, 40 and so we finally got the chance to go to the zoo. Our zoo pass works in Milwaukee, so we didn't have to pay. There was no one there and so Maddie and Emma had a great time. We got to see all the animals that we don't have: polar bears, penquins, kangaroos, and the like. We left with enough time to go back home get our bags and then headed to the airport. Our flight was uneventful, the girls did great and were happy to be home. We have been settling back in. Chad had a game on Tuesday and we have been just getting back into a routine.

Wisconsin Part 1

Well we made it to Wisconsin in one piece and it was only a little chilly when we arrived. We managed to survive the plane ride without the DVD player and I was pretty impressed at that. Grandma met us at the airport, we had to make a stop at grandma's office and then we went on got some lunch. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and unpacking. Friday was Opening Day, I didn't get to go, but still enjoyed watching it on TV and even watching some of the people in the parking lot as we drove by. Friday night Mike and Jana got there and we sat and talked for awhile, but then it is early to bed for most of us. Saturday Jana and I were getting ready to take the girls to the Zoo, we got there and saw how long the line was to just get into the parking lot (it was family free day), so we opted to go to the mall do a little shopping and then head home. We did make it to the playground in the evening for a little while. Sunday was church and baby Pownell's baby shower. The guys went to the baseball game, the kids all stayed home and played fairly well together (as well as 6 kids 4 and under can play). The first couple of days of the week were just waiting for grandma and grandpa to get home so they could play with the girls. We would run some errands in the mornings and then come home to wait for them. Tuesday evening grandpa and I went to the Brewers game. They played the Reds, won and it was a really good game. Wednesday morning uncle Josh met us and we all drove down to the Huster's house in Matteson. The girls and I got to meet baby Ben and the girls loved playing with cousin Luke. We hung out for most of the day. We went up to Scott's school to say hi and bye in the same sentence (it was dress rehersal for their dinner theater). Then we started the trek home. We ended up taking Harlem most of the way, made our way past CURF, stopped at Gene and Jude's for a hot dog and then it was home. Josh stayed for a little while so he could watch Criminal Minds. Then it was off to bed for the rest of us.

Happy Birthday Uncle Phill

So Wednesday the 2nd, we celebrated Phill's birthday a day late. We had the usual people over for dinner and some cake. Maddie insisted on getting Phill a birthday crown, but we couldn't find any so she settled on Spongebob party hats.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Going Home

We are getting ready to go home. Our bags are packed and we are waiting for grandma to get home from work so we can play for a few more hours before we head back home. We have had lots of fun the last 11 days, but I think we are all ready to be back home in our own beds and back into our "normal" routine. After we are settled back in I will make sure to post our doings and some pictures from our trip.