Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Adjust Accordingly

And that is what we have just done. It has now been two weeks and 3 days and we are all surviving life here in Tomball. The last two weeks have been a whirlwind and they seem to have flown by. Each day starts and seems like it is going to be such a long day, but before I know it, I am in my pj's and getting some sleep for the night. Things are going good. Our nights are going great. We sleep for about 5 hours at night and so that is the time when mom gets her sleep, but during the day is a different story. We have been told it is a little bit of colic, but nothing like some of the stories I have heard. During the day we just like to be held and when we try to put her down in either the crib or bassinet, she wants nothing to do with it. So that makes it very hard for me to get any laundry or other chores done.

We did go to the doctor today and we have grown a bit in the last two weeks. We are now 8lbs 7.5 oz and 22 inches long. The doctor said that she is very healthy and she seems to be eating good. I would have to agree. Now we don't have to go back until her 2 month check and that is where she will have to get shots, so I need to make sure to schedule that before Chad starts school, so he can go with me.

We did have our first babysitter on Tuesday morning. We had a meeting at school both of us had to be at, so we left her with the office ladies and she was great for them. The meeting was with the Texas A & M strength and conditioning coach and it was a long 4 hours with a lot of information in a short amount of time.

Tonight we went to the summer league baseball game at school and she enjoyed being outside. It was nice to be outside for more than 10 minutes for me too. We will have to make sure that we try to get out more, but it will have to be in the evening when it isn't too hot out and the sun has gone down.

We have more visitors this weekend and can't wait for them to be here. This weekend my mom; sister, Amy; brother-in-law, Joel; and nephew, Ben will be here. Chad and Joel are going to the Astros game on Sunday, but other than that I don't think we have too much planned. Then it will be quiet around here until July, unless my mom finds a good deal that she can't resist and comes down in July before the 24th.

Well I better go get some sleep, she is down for her long stretch now and so this is my time to lay down and get a few hours of sleep.


Anonymous said...

Excellent use of the "Royal We"