Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I Promise to Blog More Often

Well it has been awhile and I could give excuses of why I don't blog as often as I should, but you have all heard them before. So all of you who do read my blog, I am vowing to you this 23rd day of August 2005 that I am going to begin blogging again on a regular basis.

Summer in Texas 2005: First off I have to say that I was very happy to know that we were not going to be moving this summer. I'm not sure what I would have done if we would have moved for the thrid summer in a row. This summer has seemed to fly by, I can't believe that this is already the third week of school. I have been going in again for Atheltic Period (8th hour) every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. We have two girls from the 8th hour study hall who watch Maddie and they are all still getting used to each other. It helps that that time is just about nap time, so she usually ends up sleeping for some of the period. I have been trying to adjust to the life of a stay at home mom, but am still not used to it. Some days seem to fly by while others seem to go on forever. We have been keeping ourselves busy with volleyball games and other events going on at school. Football season has started, but there are only 4 home games this year and Chad is so lucky to be on supervision duty for all of them. The first home game isn't until the 23rd of Sept. which just happens to be the week that I am home in Wisconsin. What else has summer brought us? Baseball. We have been to a few games and are still planning a few more. Last week we went to two, the Cubs and the Brewers. We are planning on going to Miller Park when we are home too, so Maddie will get to go to a real Brewers game. The summer also brought lots of visitors. We enjoyed each visit, but must say that it has been nice getting into a routine and being able to just be the three of us. I'm sure I won't be saying that come November, but then it will be Christmas soon. Basketball is just around the corner and we are already in the planning stage. Paul Keiper (the A.D.) is actually going to be the Varsity coach and I will be the JV coach. We might still get an assistant Varsity coach, or it might just be the two of us. Chad is also coaching basketball this year, the freshmen boys, so we will see how the winter goes with the suffling of Maddie around. We have already had lots of volunteers for babysitting, so I don't think that will be a problem. Summer doesn't seem like it is over for most people, but for us it has been over for a couple of weeks now. We are looking forward to next summer when we can make a trip home and escape some of this heat.

Maddie update: We like to be in a sitting position, but don't know how to on our own. When we try, we end up folded in half with our face near our feet. We babble all the time and love to talk to the ceiling fan. We have a bouncy saucer with all sorts of lights and toys and love to stand in that and turn ourselves around in it. We like to watch and listen to our Praise Baby DVD that has cool colors and good songs on it. We love going to school and having all the girls gush all over us. We like when they take us in the student section and hold us. We are getting used to mom and so sometimes give dad a rough time when it comes to naptime or bedtime. But most of all, we miss everyone and can't wait to see them in September. We also found out yesterday that we are going to have another boy cousin. Cousin Ben is going to be a big brother to a baby brother in January and we have another cousin coming in December whose big sister will be cousin Kate. We are looking forward to meeting cousin Kate, uncle Alan and aunt Tracie in September.

That is all the new news from here in Tomball. I will try to be more consistent and pictures I put up will not be the same as Chad's (or at least I'll try). Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

Glad to have both you and Chad blogging. Makes it feel like you aren't so far away