Wednesday, November 09, 2005

And We're Off

Basketball started over 3 weeks ago and this week we have finaly started games. After our game last night, I think I would have likes another week of practice. I know the girls were ready to play and I was too a little bit, just so I could see where we are and what we need to work on. There were some stressful times in the game, but we came out with a win by 4 points. It would have been 6, but we let that last second shot go in, just so the game could be over. Definitely our posts are our strong point of the team and that is what we will be focusing on. I am looking forward to this team, they have some real potential and should be able to come out with some good games. They might be stressful games for me, but I know that they will be good. Chad starts games next week. He is now up to 5 guys, while football is getting ready for their play-off game this weekend. He is scheduled for game on Tuesday and they are still going to play. If football would lose, that would mean the rest of the team would have one day of practice and then a game. It could be a rough day for him next week.

Our time now seems to be taken over by basketball, but that is our life right now. Maddie seems to enjoy all the attention she gets from all the girls and parents when we are at school. She is adjusting to eating her dinner in her stroller instead of a high chair. As games get started we will be having Caitlyn babysit for her. Most game days one of us play at home and the other away, so Maddie will at least be at school with one of us.

Most of our free days are spent running errands or catching up on housework. There always seems to be something that needs to be done. We are starting to look forward to Christmas and our trip home. It seems like it is so far away, but it actually isn't that far at all. We'll be home in about 5 weeks. With everything going on now, I sometimes wonder where the week goes. We are also getting excited for Jay and Jill to come and visit. We can't believe that Jay will be here a week from Saturday. It seems like Thanksgiving is so far off, but it is just about 2 weeks away. Chad I know is looking forward to the end of the semester and being able to actually have a break from school.

Maddie is still growing everyday, but now it seems like it is more long that out, which is good. We will go to the doctor at the beginning of December. We are waiting to be able to wear all our cute "winter" clothes, but it is hard when it is still 85 degrees out. I think a front is coming later this week and so it is suppose to get down to about 70. Perfect fall weather huh?