Thursday, December 15, 2005

A New Cousin Is On The Way

Well it is early, but one of Maddie's new cousin is on the way. My brother-in-law, Joel called today at about 2pm to tell us that they were at the hospital. I also talked to my mom and they said they broke Amy's water at about 3pm and her and my dad were just leaving to go see them. I didn't think that we were going to get the chance to meet baby Chapman while we were home, but it looks like we will get to meet and greet the new little one.

My sister-in-law Tracie is due on Christmas Day, so it looks like we will get to meet two new cousins while we are home. We are actually trying to get packed tonight as we will be heading to Dallas tomorrow afternoon after our basketball games. We fly out on Saturday morning and it looks like it will be to a lot colder weather and some snow. We can't wait to get home and just get a chance to have a break and relax. For all of those who we will see, see you soon. For those who will be in different places, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.