Tuesday, February 14, 2006

We made it through a tough winter

That's right, winter was here and is now gone. We made it through okay, no real loses. We love when the temperature gets below freezing, it is so funny to watch the news and the locals' reactions. On Friday night there was about a 10 minute segment on the freeze coming and we just had to watch to see what it was all about. We pretty much just laughed our way through the news that night.

Well basketball is officially over. The varsity girls lost on Saturday, so they are out of the playoffs. So now all we have to concentrate on is baseball. First game is today. It should be nice out, like about 67.

This past weekend Chad got to play nurse and nanny. I ended up with the flu on Saturday and Sunday. Maddie kept him pretty busy both days, but he survived. I was feeling better yesterday, but went to the doctor and Chad stayed home with us too. Maddie and Chad even went out and took a trip to Target on Sunday.

This week we have visitors coming. My parents are coming in on Thursday to Dallas, but won't get to us until Friday morning. They get to watch some baseball and of course their main reason for coming is to see Maddie. Maddie is doing great, she is getting more adventurous each day. She is trying to stand by herself and she can for short amounts of time, but then she usually ends up falling. She scoots along all the furniture and everything is a toy to her.

Well Happy Valentine's Day to all. Hope that you know how much you are loved.


Ben W. said...

Lucky! I wish winter was over here. For most of the winter months it was nice temperatures...30 's and 40's, but now as we are nearing the approach of spring months, we have gotten snow..it has dipped into the 20's and sometimes teens. I hate when the weather reverses on us like this.