Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Just Mom and the Girls

Well I survived the night alone while Chad was on the Freshmen retreat. He left on Sunday at 3pm and we didn't see him until after school on Monday. I think Chad was more worried about us than I was. Both girls cooperated great. Maddie has been feeling under the weather, so she wasn't as wild and crazy as she normally is. This weekend has been hectic and now things are starting to slow down. Friday was the first home football game, Chad had supervision and we went for awhile. We lasted about a quarter and a half (we ended up winning 56-0), so leaving early wasn't all that bad. We probably could have made it longer, but Maddie decided to take a dive off the picnic table and so she lost it because she was also tired. So that was when I decided that we needed to pack ourselves up and go home. Saturday was Isaac's birthday party. It was a good time. I know that Maddie had fun playing with Isaac and helping him open his presents. Sunday we went to Salem for church, that is always an experience. I know that Maddie enjoyed it because of all the praise music they play, she could just dance and clap as much as she wanted. Monday was a long day with us being gone most of the day. We headed out to the park to play at about 10:30am, I got my walk in, Maddie got to play, we ate lunch and then we headed to the retreat center to go swimming with Chad. Maddie loves the pool and trying to figure it all out. She also was entertaining some of the freshmen as they were getting ready to go home. She got some sun Monday, but had a great time all day. The rest of this week looks pretty low-key, which is nice.

Maddie: She is getting more adventurous everyday. She now has figured out how to climb onto the changing table. I am just waiting for her to start climbing out of her crib. She still just has the two teeth, we are hoping she will get some more soon.

Emma: She is growing more and more everyday. Somedays she looks like Maddie and other days she looks like Emma. You can definitely tell that they are sisters. She is starting to become more of a person now. She is trying to roll over. She can get up to her side from her back and so we will see how long it takes her to get all the way over. She is sleeping great. She has been sleeping from about 9:30-6am, we will see how long that lasts.

They both have doctor's appointments on Friday- so we will see how much they have both grown in the last couple of months.

That is our review of things down here. We hope that everyone is back into the swing of things, since most everyone has to get back into a school routine.