Monday, December 04, 2006

Winter Weather is Welcome

I know, I know, all you northerners and your snow are probably saying to yourself that I am crazy for wanting winter weather. But you have to remember something, our winter weather is your spring weather without the snow. In the evenings it has been getting down to freezing and during the days it is anywhere from 50-60. By the end of the week we are suppose to be back into the high 60's, but then another front should move in. Now if you are still wondering why I want the winter weather, it is probably because I was born and raised up by you. I like having 4 seasons, not 2- comfortable and uncomfortable. Anyways, enough with the weather. As much as most of you don't like the snow, I am hoping that it will be there when we get there in a couple of weeks. Remember that Christmas is the only time Maddie will get the chance to have snow. There are kids at the high school who have never seen snow- I don't want Maddie to be like that.

This week-what a week. We were getting back into the swing of things from Thanksgiving break. Chad thought that his grades were due on Monday, but instead he had all the way until Friday to get them done, so that was some relief for him. Wednesday he got to take the day off and come home to help with the girls, as I seemed to had pulled something in my back. I was reaching in the cupboard for a bowl and then I couldn't move, it had been spasing for a little while, but then after they stopped, it was just real sore, so trying to pick up our two girls was a feat in itself. So he came home and helped. The weekend wasn't too much of anything. Friday he had to ref at one of the grade schools with Phill, so I went and picked up Christian from his basketball practice and then we had pizza with them at our place. Saturday I was set on getting some Christmas shopping done, but ended up with not too much. Sunday we ended up going to late church and then we just spent the day playing and watching football. I did get the tree and decorations up and Maddie is still a little curious about the tree. She hasn't taken any ornaments off, but has to go around and touch them all. She has tried to put the lights in her mouth.

This week looks pretty slow. Maddie has her 18month check up on Friday. I think that she has grown up, but I don't think she has grown out, we will see. This weekend is the faculty Christmas party. I'm not sure if we are both going or if I am just going to send Chad. We will see how the week goes.

We leave in two weeks from tomorrow and I am already trying to get things ready here. I have been trying to make a list of the things that we will need in the car and for the ride. I'm sure we will be getting ready up until the moment we leave. Have a great week.


annulla said...

Read your explanation but sorry - I'm still saying that you are crazy for wanting winter weather.

It isn't even offically winter yet and we are already feeling the pain here. These days it is almost dark by 4:30, everybody is bundled up in messy, sloppy layers (think LOTS of extra laundry) and we are dreading the arrival of icy roads and streets.

Christmas? Yes, please, but a White Christmas? Save it for the movies.