Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Is being 2 so terrible?

Well we will find out, not that Maddie hasn't already perfected the art of fit throwing and whining. Today we had a small celebration for Maddie's birthday. Chad didn't go into work this morning, so that was one nice thing. We got the girls bathed and actually headed up to school to drop something off. We then were on our way to Chuck E. Cheese's for some birthday fun. It was just Chad, myself, Maddie, Emma and our friend Steve. We played games. Maddie enjoyed mostly just being able to put the token in the game and that was good enough for her. She did enjoy riding the little rides and so did Emma. We had her open a few presents, some more playing, and then it was time for home. She passed out in the car, so I will take that as a sign she had a good time.

This afternoon is not much of anything and then tonight I actually am going out. We usually go out on Wednesdays, but this week there is a volleyball conflict, so Christa had to move the day. Then the rest of the week will be getting the house cleaned and ready for Maddie's party on Saturday. Then I will have a few days to get us all packed and ready to leave for our great trip.