Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What day is it?

Do you ever ask yourself that question? Since we have gotten back home from up north, it seems like I am asking that question a lot. I then found it funny that Chad's dad was asking that same question today. Grandpa J is here for the LCMS Convention. We have been down there a couple of times and even spent the night last night. There are other people we know who are down there, so we have been running into people all over the place.

So what have we been up to? Oh, just getting estimates on our air conditioning, because the evaporator coil is busted. Tomorrow we have one more company coming over to give us an estimate and then we will set up an appointment to get it fixed. We are melting down here. We have a room air conditioner in Maddie's room and has closed off the bedrooms and that one keeps us all cool for sleeping. It also hasn't been too hot out, so it isn't all that bad. I know that Chad will disagree with me, but the heat doesn't really bother me.

Last weekend we were out for the CUW Alumni event. It was at a small brewery. We were all wondering what to expect, but it ended up being a really good time. We mostly hung with the Tomball people, but we did manage to meet a couple who moved here in January and they work at the medical center.

Nothing else too exciting the rest of the weekend. We did go downtown on Sunday and we were in the convention center when they voted for president of synod. Maddie got to go swimming and loved it. We bought her one of those suits that is pretty much foam on top, so it is like wearing a life vest all the time. She was a little hesitant at first, but then realized that she could float there all by herself. She managed to get into the water two more times since then.

I am starting to put things together in my head for Orlando and then for Wisconsin the Sequel. We are flying, so we have less space then we had the first time, but I figured our clothes for the wedding are already taken care of. I'm looking forward to Orlando. I get to spend some time with Anne. The whole Janetzke family, minus Josh, will be there. Ben, Kendra, and Lydia will be with a group, but I'm sure we will see them around. Grandma Heff will also be down there, so that will be fun also.

I don't have any new pics. I wanted to get one of Maddie the linebacker (with her new suit on, but my batteries were dead). Next time she has it on, I'll make sure to take one. Emma is starting to get more adventurous. She is figuring out how to use things as steps to climb up on things, like the couch and chairs. We haven't had a bottle since we came back from vacation, so we are hoping that we kicked that habit. We will work on the nuk with Maddie when we get back from Wisconsin in August.