Thursday, January 10, 2008

What a Deal

It was like Christmas again in our house today. I told Maddie that we could go to Target and let her pick out some toys with the gift cards we got for Christmas. We had taken a couple of things back and so we had a total of $38 to spend in gift cards. Well to my surprise we got to Target and they had three aisles of toys all 75% off. She was in heaven. She picked each toy out herself and even had enough left over for a treat. I was so amazed at all the stuff they had. They have been playing with all the toys since we have gotten home. I put a few of them in the closet for later. Emma loves the baby stroller best, she keeps pushing the baby in circles around the house. I would have to say that Maddie likes the princess register the best. I think that was the best deal, it is originally $39.99 and I got it for $9.47. That was the most expensive toy of the day. I just had to share my awesome deals of the day. If you have time go check out your local Target and the clearance aisles.


Chad said...

I'm not even gone a day! Sheesh!

Miss you guys. Love you!