Friday, April 25, 2008

New Babies

There are two new babies to introduce.
The first one is Micah Ruben Truwe. He was born April, 2nd (I know I am a little behind). The Truwe's live in San Antonio, so we are hoping to make it there sometime to meet the little guy. This weekend is his baptism, but we are not going since we have friends from Minnesota coming to town tomorrow.

The second baby is Gavin Max Frixen he was born this past Wednesday, April 23rd. We are hoping to get the chance to meet Gavin this summer when we are up in Wisconsin.

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(Don't mind the Michigan hat- Karl is a huge fan)

Jay and Jill from Minnesota are coming to town tomorrow. We are planning on going to the beach at Galveston, so pray for no rain tomorrow. I'm sure I will have some pics after the weekend.