Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Catching Up

So here are some pictures from our going away party, our trip up to Wisconsin and the last couple of weeks here in Wisconsin. Phill and Kim threw us a going away party at the Wilke's house and it was a lot of fun. There was a lot of beer, cornhole, and laughs. Then there was the stop in Leona, Texas; the Saint Louis Zoo, and the Arch.

Since we have been back in Wisconsin we have been keeping ourselves busy. We have been out to Pewaukee Lake to celebrate my aunt and uncles 50th wedding anniversary. The live on the lake so there was lots of jet skiing, tubing, and swimming. Both the girls loved it- we are hoping to go out again before summer ends.

We took a trip to the Milwaukee County Zoo. There are some animals that the Houston Zoo doesn't have and so Maddie like looking at the penquins and polar bears. We also took in the Wisconsin State Fair. The day we went happen to be UW- Madison day and the Badger marching band was playing. The girls loved the band- their father has turned them into fight song freaks. Emma enjoyed her cream puff by eating it without her hands- she just dove in head first.

We have been following the Brewers and took in a game last week. The girls stayed up in Germantown and we enjoyed the game with Kurt and my dad. We watched C.C. pitch a complete game and a Brewers' win.

We have celebrated my birthday with a 15lb. brisket. Phill you would have been proud of my mom- up at 6am and it was delicious. We got to hang out with some friends that just moved back also. This week Chad has started meetings- he was installed on Monday and meetings for the rest of the week. Monday starts the school year- Maddie has another week after that before she starts. We have the faculty get together Saturday, Maddie's school picnic on Sunday, first day of school on Monday, new member orientation on Tuesday, 3K Open House on Wednesday, let's just say that the next week will be busy.

Today was the first day at Concordia- hope all you Texans had a great first day. Only 2 more days left for the week.


Scottage Cheese said...

Hello. I did a search on "Racing Sausage Costume" and noticed the one you guys made in my "google results". I was wondering if you could share with me how the heck you made that. It looks great. I have a 2 1/2 year-old that and want to make him one.

Any help would be appreciated. Sorry to invade your blog like this. But I'm getting desperate! No hard feelings when you erase this..of course.