Wednesday, October 07, 2009


So today Lilly is 5months old. I don't know her stats, since we don't go to the doctor until next month. She is doing great, rolling both ways. Probably not as much as she would like, since most of her floor time comes after Maddie and Emma are in bed. She is "talking" a lot. She likes to hear the sound of her own voice and she also is starting laugh at being tickled, but also at her sisters in general. She also is able to scoot herself in a full circle and also backwards. We are figuring that by Christmas she should be crawling, just in time to get all those presents under the tree.

So here are some of those promised pictures of Lilly:

Here Lilly is practicing sitting- she likes to practice in the laundry basket while I fold clothes.

Taken a little by surprised.

Lilly is also starting to reach and grab at anything. Nothing is safe, especially her sisters' hair. She has got to fight back somehow, right??

Taking the first taste of cereal- she doesn't think it is too bad.

It is usually better when you can feed yourself though.