Sunday, October 17, 2004

Just Another Week

Well it was just another week here in Texas. Monday was the Concordia Golf Outing, so Chad had the day off of school and got to golf. He was in a group of four and I think he was the only one who golfs more than twice a year. He had a good time, didn't win anything big, but I think it was nice for him to get out on the golf course. That is only the second time since we have been down here. Monday was just another day of work for me. Tuesday brought a nice day of not having to go to Athletic Period, so that means that it was a true day off. I spent the morning cleaning and doing some laundry and the afternoon with Christa and Isaac. We decided to venture out for lunch and then to Target to pick up a few things. It was a good time, I think Christa enjoyed getting out of the house for more than an hour. Wednesday it was back to work and then a nice relaxing night at home. We watched some baseball and just relaxed. Thursday it was back with Christa and Isaac to hit the Trinity rummage sale. It was pretty big. They even had a boat and two cars for sale. I didn't buy either, but I got a bunch of books. Christa managed to find some books and also a tool set for Isaac when he is a little older. Friday was work and football. Before I got home, I had to help set-up for Family Fun Night at work. I didn't attend, but it looked as if they had a lot of fun. Football was pretty exciting this week. It was a big game and we weren't suppose to win, but we did pull it out. We left early and we still didn't get home until like 10:15. Saturday brought a basketball meeting with all the coaches. It looks as if I have the JV for sure, I am kind of in free reign with what I do with them. So it is basically like what plays I want to run is what we do. Today brought church, going over to Kieper's, to learn how to take care of their dogs (i get to for the next couple of days). Going out to lunch with the Greibings(spelling is wrong) but those are Barrett's mom and dad, who is Ben's roommate up at St. Paul. Then we went over to Joel's house to watch the Packers wail on the Lions. Of course, Chad was looking for that Lions victory and just didn't get it. Chad has to leave for teacher conferences this afternoon, but they are not staying, because they are just in Houston. So he has that tonight, all day tomorrow and half the day on Tuesday. Basketball starts on Tuesday. So our lives are going to get a little bit busier. I hope everyone is good and I will hopefully talk to you all soon.


Adam said...

we miss you even as far south as Dallas