Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Well we got them good. My parents that is. This weekend was the surprise anniversary party we had been planning for 5 months and we actually pulled it off. I wasn't so sure that we were going to get them to the bar before they realized something was going on. We made it to Chicago on Friday night and Alan, Tracie, and Kate picked us up. We spent the night there and then headed to Milwaukee. The look on my mom's face was priceless when we walked up the steps to the TV room. They thought that that surprise was good enough. Then we went out for dinner and it just all fell into place there. It was good to see everyone. There weren't as many people as we thought were going to be there, but there were a good number of people. We all had a good time, so more than others. They seemed to be very surprised and thankful that we went to all the trouble. They got to see some people who they hadn't in a long time. We were hoping more of the old schoolers would have been there, but they were surprised enough. I got the luxury of spending the rest of the evening with Joel and Chad at the bar until bartime. I think Chad was looking for someone to hang out with and just have a good time. That both, Joel and Chad did. I have to say Chad much surpassed his reign as Three Beer Queer. Sunday was a long day, but we didn't do too much. We spent most of the day lazing around, watching football and sleeping. Chad's family came over in the evening for pizza and visiting. We didn't get any games in, but just hung out for a bit. We came home yesterday after, Amy, Joel, and Ben dropped us off at O'Hare and we took the "El" to Midway. I don't think Chad was to keen on the idea, but it was fine and we got there in plenty of time. The flight was good and it was good to be back home. No work for me today, so that helped, but right back to basketball practice. I am looking forward to next week, when I can have the JV girls by themselves and we can start working on our own things. Now the week is almost half over, so that is nice. This weekend Luke Kasten will be here for Isaac's baptism and so I think we will be going out after football on Friday. Which is when Concordia takes on Luther North, which is where Pete teaches. Then just a few weeks to Thanksgiving and just a few more till Christmas. It was nice to be home this weekend and see everyone and we can't wait to see you at Christmas. I hope that everyone has recovered from the weekend. I hope that everyone had a good time this weekend and can't wait to hear or see you all soon.