Monday, January 17, 2005

A Day Off Or Is It??

Well, we actually have teh day off from having to go to work, but I think both Chad and I have been doing more than in any work day. Chad had to be up early this morning to do some work on the field to get it ready for the dirt that was being spread this afternoon. So he was up and out of the house at about 7am, got back at noon, and has to go back for the spring sports meeting this evening. I on the other hand, have not been out of the house, but have been trying to clean it from top to bottom and I mean really clean. I have been so occupied with basketball, that it is lucky that the laundry gets done each week.

Speaking of basketball; it has been going. We have until Feb. 8th and this week we have no games. Tuesday is an off night because the team that we are playing does not have a JV team and the team we were suppose to play on Friday cancelled the game. We did play on Friday, but I wouldn't call it an official game. We lost by 9, but we had no official refs. Of course the two guys from school who could ref (Chad and Phil) were gone in Waco for their baseball coaches' clinic. So we had a dad from north and Kim (a teacher from school) ref. As basketball is starting to wind down, Chad is just starting the baseball season. Practice starts next Monday and I think their first game is on Feb. 11th. It seems odd that the season is starting in January, but with the weather we have here, it makes sense.

We have been keeping busy with all the activities going on and we know that they just get more as the weather gets even nicer and as the school year keeps going. We are looking forward to our visitors coming in the spring and then more in the summer. I am looking forward to my trip home next week and the chance to relax and spend some time at home, in the cold.