Monday, April 18, 2005

A Random Day Off of School

Well that is what today is, a random day off of school. Well for Chad it is because this past weekend was Prom and so I think that they have learned to just take the day off, instead of having kids just not show up to school. I have off too, but that is because I believe today is a Staff Development day, but since I don't have to go to those, it is just a day off. It makes a nice break for Chad, because now it is like, okay just 4 weeks of classes and then finals. It is kind of like a little go get em' kind of day. It should gear you up for the rest of the year. The past weeks have gone by quickly, but not too much exciting has gone on. We have had the usual of baseball, doctor appointments, babysitting Isaac, and relaxing.

Baseball's regular season is done this week and then the playoffs begin next weekend. They are suppose to play on Saturday for the first playoff game, but they are trying to get it moved to Friday. They then will play until they lose. Baseball has been interesting and a learning experience for both Chad and I. It was kind of like football season. They take this very seriously and if anyone messes with it, they are in for big trouble.

Doctor appointments are now coming every two weeks, instead of four. It is almost more of a hassle, because now it is a 5 minute appointment every two weeks. Everything is good, we are getting closer and have just 8 weeks to go. I keep saying that it would be nice to only have 6 or 7 weeks to go.

This weekend we spent a lot of time not at home, which is a little unusual. Friday Chad went golfing in the afternoon, well 4pm and then when he got home, we went over to the Wilke's house for dinner. We hung out there until about 11:00 and then headed home. Saturday brought a little cleaning and then some errand running. We have been looking for a bassinet, but then realized that it would be easier to just get one of the pack n' plays with the bassinets in them, it will be more convienent and cheaper. Then we watched the Brewers lose and the Tigers lose. We then headed over to the Keiper's house for some bbq. We ended up staying there until about 11:30, I don't think Paul wanted us to leave until him and Chad had finished all the beer. Sunday was church and then Pete and the Schlicker's came over for dinner. We just grilled hamburgers. We got to play some cards, while Shelby watched Finding Nemo 3 times. Today is going to be laundry and grocery shopping. Chad has practice this afternoon.

I think that this is the longest since the baseball season starts that I haven't been at a baseball game, but the Brewers are in town on Wednesday and Thursday and so we are planning on going to the game on Wednesday night. We have been watching them, but the last few games there hasn't been anything to watch. Chad has also been watching his Tigers faithfully.

Work is going well, it has to when you only have 5 more days of it. I am looking forward to not having to chase the kids around, but I am and I know that Chad is hoping I just don't get to bored. I figure I won't, because I will still have Athletic Period twice a week and baseball might still be going on.

Well hope that everyone is enjoying spring weather, it has looked like it has been nice up north. Here it is usually about 80 degress during the day and then about 60 at night. Haven't had to turn the air on yet, but I have a feeling some May it might be needed. Well, Ben Janetzke, happy birthday this week, we have card sitting on the counter, but am waiting for your address from your parents, so it will get there sometime this week. Ben Chapman, there is a package being mailed to you this week, I am going to the post office today with it. Hope you all have a great week.