Thursday, January 19, 2006

ATM touch Screens

So here is a little story, you might not find it as funny as we did, but here goes.

Tuesday Chad and I both had practice until 4pm. The other three teams had games that night at school. Since we were done with our responsibilities, we decided to actually get home before five o'clock and relax. We also figured this would be one of the last times for Chad getting home early since baseball starts on Monday. So we are in the car, Maddie is strapped in and we are about to go, when Michael Wilke comes running out and asks if Chad has any of his referee stuff in his office. Surprise surpise refs didn't show up, so Phill and Chad reffed the JV boys game. Needless to say, some of our parents were not too kind to the two of them. Well so we finally got going at about 6pm and were heading to the ATM to deposit a check and take some money out. Chad is starting the transaction and anytime he touches the screen it doesn't register. So after the third time of cancelling the transaction I get out of the car and go around to the ATM and try it. I just start touching the screen all over the place and somehow we got both the deposit and the withdrawl made. It wasn't that funny, but you would think that since there are many people who touch that screen each day, they would keep it clean so things like that don't happen. I think what made it so funny was that all we wanted to do was get home, but the ATM touch screen was keeping us from doing just that.

Well other than our problems with ATMs, nothing too new going on. Maddie is into everything, she is pulling herself up and then falling down. She has only bumped her head a few times in the last couple days, but we figure there will be more of those.

It looks like we are going to have some more visitors in the next couple of months. Chad's dad was here this past weekend. Maddie got to spend some time with him and show him all her new tricks. I'm not sure if my mom will be able to wait four weeks to come and see us. She got to talk to Maddie on the phone last night, and Maddie actually talked back, okay well babbled. My sister and her family are making plans for spring break and then my other sister just decided to come down during her spring break. So we will have lots of people around. Which will be nice for me during baseball season.

We will hopefully post some new pictures soon.