Friday, January 27, 2006

Da Da Who?

Well baseball season is upon us. I think that is going to be Maddie's question for the next few months. Baseball started on Monday- of course Chad couldn't get on the field because it rained all day Sunday and the field is like a sponge. So he had to have practice in the parking lot, but at least it was almost 60 out. I then informed him that if we were up north, this would be the best day you would get all baseball season, so he shouldn't be complaining.

I have one week of basketball left. This week has been a tough week. We had a hard lose on Tuesday- I'll just sum it up with the fact that we were up by 14 at half and lost by 4. It also doesn't help when you only make 2 of 18 freethrows. We have a game tonight and then two next week. I can't believe that the season is almost over. I mean it has been a long season, but it just doesn't feel like it should be done yet. I know that I should be thankful that baseball and basketball only overlap by two weeks.

Not too much else going on here. It has been perfect out all week. Just about 70- sunday the high is to be 78, so I know that mom is hoping this weather hangs around until the get here in three weeks. I'm sure that it will.

Maddie is doing great. She is pulling herself up, which usually then ends in her falling and bumping some part of her body. She hasn't gotten any goose-eggs or bruises yet, but I'm sure they are to come. We always joke that we wish she would be more of a happy baby(note-sarcasm) She is always talking and laughing and screaming just to get someone's attention and see them laugh. I think she gets that from Chad-he always has liked being in the spotlight. Isaac has now become a little afraid of her since she can move now. It used to be he could walk away, but she will now follow him and try to pull herself up by using him. He usually tries to get away even quicker then.

I think that we are finally back into the real swing of things since being back from Wisconsin. Now our schedule changes again with basketball ending and baseball starting. Maddie will figure it out one day, I think she just likes all the attention she gets when we are at school.