Sunday, August 13, 2006

Houston-We Have Teeth

Yes, that is right. After 14 long months of waiting Maddie is finally getting some teeth. She has her two bottom front teeth coming in. She sure is a trooper right now. She hasn't been too bad, but at certain times, you can tell they bother her more than others. We had to hold her down and push her tongue out of the way in order to even see them. Grandma Heff told her to work on two things while she was gone and one was teeth. Maddie must get her procrastination from her dad, because Grandma comes back this Friday and she is just getting them now. The other was saying Grandma, we are quite there yet.

Maddie is doing great with Emma. She always wants to be around and helping. Emma is her "gee". We have figured out that is just baby, but when you talk about Emma, it is "gee". She points out "gees" in books and also when we are at the store. We had been looking into getting Maddie into a gym class, but there aren't any in the evenings. Grandma Heff thinks she is her uncle Alan reincarnated. Because she is all over the place, climbing and being a daredevil. On Friday we had the faculty get together, there are about a dozen kids who are Kindergarten and younger and actually about 10 of them are 2 1/2 and under. So she was just in heaven. They all played well together and just loved all being around each other.

Chad starts school on Wednesday. I'm sure he would rather have about 3 more weeks of summer, but that is life. He has been going in on a consistent basis for about two weeks now, so he is sort of in the swing of things. Which also then gets us into school mode, with just the three of us at home.

Emma is doing well, she is growing more and more each day. She is starting to look more like Maddie and her cheeks start to get bigger. She has been sleeping real well the last few nights and I am hoping that keeps up. She has been sleeping for about 7 hours at night and is actually starting to get into a daytime routine too.

I am doing well. I am surviving the two. The three of us will walk to the park by our house and Maddie gets to play in the sand and go down the slides and just climb everywhere. I am keeping busy with them, but also getting some scrapbooking in too. I have started some rubber stamping and have actually started on our Christmas cards. I know I am pathetic, but hey, it keeps me busy, when the two are asleep.