Monday, July 31, 2006

A Brewers Post

Okay, so I have been reading some of the Brewers' blogs from the mlb website and I am just in shock. All these people who claim to be true fans and have been fans since they were little, are already throwing in the towel for this year. It just frustrates me to no end. I am not saying that the Brewers are going to the World Series, but when was the last time that we were even in the wild card race at the beginning of August? I mean there is still a lot of baseball yet to play, but come on people, if you have been such die hard fans, now is the time to be proud of what they are doing on the field and the decisions they are making off the field. I am not even in Wisconsin, but I am sick of all these people who are saying that the season is over now that we traded Carlos Lee away. I would say that it was lucky we got Mench and Cordero, they sure helped us this weekend and getting some key wins against the Reds. I can only imagine what the talks are like in Wisconsin. I will always be a Brewers fan and it is especially hard to hang on to that, when you live in a city in your same division. Or should I say it is hard when that team is doing better than you, but for right now we are ahead of the Astros. This makes me realize why professional sports are a form of entertainment, the people aren't really into it, they just want to be entertained by the players.

Okay, so enough ranting... Things here in Texas are good. Hot, but isn't it hot everwhere? Chad actually has to start going into school on a regular basis again starting today, which is good, it gives me a chance to get the girls in order here and used to not having a second pair of hands. Maddie is learning to be patient and sometimes having to wait, because Emma is crying. Other than that, not too much new to report. My parents are coming in a little bit more than two weeks, they will be here for the first weekend of school- Chad always has the senior retreat, which means he is gone from Sunday afternoon until after school on Monday, so that will help me out lots. We are also going to be in Wisconsin in November for my cousin's wedding. It will be a short trip, but I'm sure well worth it.

I will try to get some more pictures of the girls up. I have been slacking on the job with that and promise to make up for it. I know that I need to be better about it, so making sure there are some updates on the blog help me to remember to take more pictures.