Sunday, October 15, 2006

On Cloud Nine

Well at least Chad is for now. He has been "celebrating" the Tigers winning the ALCS for the last 20 hours. Being excited and happy doesn't even begin to explain how he feels. I am happy for them and will be cheering for them. Now the problem comes in if the Mets would win the NLCS and the trash talking between Anne and Chad could start. There are also a few Cardinal fans at school and of course Scott our brother-in-law is a diehard Cards fan. So we have already committed to having the first World Series party here on Sunday. We would love to do it on Saturday, but Concordia has their annual auction that night. I have a feeling that Chad may be sneaking away every so often to check on the game.

So you may be wondering what else is going on here besides baseball. Well actually the last two weekends have been spent up at school to supervise the Tomball College club team games. Chad has to get the field ready and then just make sure that everything is cleaned up after and they pay him to do that. So we went up with him and got to run around in the gym and on the football field. Maddie was in heaven. It finally cooled down a bit. It has only been in the high 70's, it is suppose to warm up this week and then cool back down by the weekend. I hope that it is cool, I can't tell you how much I would like to wear something other than shorts and a t-shirt. I know I shouldn't be complaining since I heard that there were some flurries this week up north.

Maddie news: She is doing great. Talking more and more everyday. There are some words that anyone could make out and then there are some that I think Chad and I at least know what they mean. We did have a minor accident last week. We tripped over our own two feet and fell smack into the entertainment center. She had smacked her nose pretty good. We had the trainer at school look at it and there isn't much you can do for a nose, but she had faint black eyes and it bled a little. That still hasn't stopped her. She is also getting some more teeth. The two up top are coming in. You can feel them popping through.

Emma News: She is growing and growing. She is pretty consistent about sleeping at night. She usually is sleeping by 8:30/9ish and has been getting up about 7:30. She is also rolling from her stomach to back. She is getting used to being awake more during the day and can just sit and watch her sister run circles around her. We have a half thumb sucker. She still hasn't got the complete hang of it and so she is still using the nuk every now and then. She is real good about her thumb when she is in bed, so that helps with naps and bedtime.

Us news: Besides the Tigers there isn't too much else to report. Grandma Heff and Aunt Jana come on Friday. We can't wait. I know that Maddie will be ready to put on a show for them both. We are planning on going to the pumpkin farm on Saturday, then grandma gets to babysit while we go to the auction. It will be quick visit, but I think a good one. School is going well for Chad first quarter actually just ended on Friday. Basketball starts next week. It will be weird for neither of us to be coaching. I'm sure we'll be at the games, we also have Christian's games to go to also. We then will be home in just 4 weeks. We can't believe that it is coming up so soon. We are looking forward to Maddie and her cousins getting to hang out for the weekend. Make sure you all keep nice and warm up there.


Anonymous said...

Erin, tell Chad to enjoy every second of it. Even though the White Sox are still the World Champs, at least for two more weeks, last years World Series seems like it was a decade ago. Thank God the Twinkies didn't make it to the Series. Sorry we haven't been in contact in awhile but life nowadays is F**king ridiculously busy ( I'm sure you know). See you guys in a couple weeks! -Alan

Anonymous said...

Sorry I left a partial swear word on the comment page. Thought it was more private. Anyone who's never used that word e-mail me at and scold me. Ta! -Alan