Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A full night's sleep

Now I don't want to jinx it, but Emma has slept the entire night for the last three nights. When I say entire night, I mean the entire night. She has been eating between 8 and 8:30 at night and not getting up until 7:30ish. I am hoping that this continues and we are out of our once a night feedings. I have a feeling that some of this is due to the fact that she has found her thumb and I think she is going to be our thumbsucker. She still will take a nuk when we are rocking her to sleep, but by the time she gets put down, her thumb is in her mouth.

It has been over a week since the last post- I can't remember everything that has gone on, but we have had our taste of fall weather and now this week we are back to summer (90's and humid) While the weather was nice, we did venture to the park one evening along with about 100 other kids. Maddie likes to climb on everything, but she also loves to people watch. She also is a very friendly kid and was hugging other children. We will have to have that stranger danger talk in the near future. We also took in a Blue Knights football game. Christian plays on the team and it was their "Homecoming" game. I think it was the 8th graders last home game too, because they had their special recognition at halftime.

Maddie has been running a low temp, along with having allergies, and also a cold. We think she is getting some more teeth. So maybe we will go to Wisconsin in November with more than two teeth. This past weekend Chad's aunt, uncle and two cousins came down from Dallas. They got here on Saturday morning and stayed until Sunday afternoon. They had already met Emma about a month ago while we were up there, but they wanted to see the house and us, so they came down for a short visit. There wasn't too much excitement- boys watched some football, us girls did some shopping, we played cards and just visited. On Sunday we went to Resurrection for church, which is one of the association churches for CLHS. One of the pastors there used to be at their church up in Carrollton. We then had lunch in Old Town Spring, they took off for home and we headed for home to relax.

Here is just a hodge-podge of pictures from this weekend and before:

As you can see Emma and Maddie are both growing. Emma is starting to become her own person. You can definitely tell that they are sisters, but they are not carbon copies of each other. Emma is smiling all the time, especially when you talk to her or play with her. She is starting to sit for very short times by herself. She loves just watching what is going on around her.

The next few weeks are pretty low key until Grandma Heff and Aunt Jana come. We have no football this week, but next week is a home game. Then we have a just 5 weeks until we are in Wisconsin for the weekend. At the end of the month myself and one of the teachers at school are hosting a girls' night in to support breast cancer. We are having all the female staff members or wives come over to Kim's house and just have a night in. Instead of spending money on a night out, we are asking for everyone to donate that money that they would spend on a night out to breast cancer research. It should be a good time and just a nice night not at home.

There isn't too much else to report. Chad gets to go golfing for the Athletics Golf Outing on Monday. I know that he doesn't play as much golf as he would like, but at least he gets out every once in a while. He also got permission to wear his Tigers shirt to school today. He knows that he will probably get some comments, but he is very happy that the Tigers made the playoffs. We also have a deal with the Wilke's about the World Series. If the Tigers make it there, we have to have a party here and if they don't, then they will have a party at their house. So I'm sure that the next few weeks will be filled with baseball-not that our house isn't usually, but by this time most years, both our teams have been out of it for about a month.

Hope all is well with everyone. We can't wait for our visitors and then for our trip home. We are looking forward to seeing everyone and hopefully meeting Luke. Maddie is getting ready to dance the night away at the wedding and also to get a chance to play with cousin Ben. Have a great week. Go Tigers!!