Thursday, November 02, 2006

2 pumpkins, a duck, an A&M football player, and Superman

Here is the line up minus one pumpkin. The missing pumpkin is Faith, but she was there. Well we went trick or treating up in the Sommermeyer's neighborhood on Tuesday. It isn't like we don't like our neighborhood, but we just thought that it would be more fun to go with other people. Maddie had a great time. She just followed Isaac and Gabe's lead. We then went back to the Sommermeyer's house for pizza and to hang out just for a little while. Other than Halloween this week, we haven't had too much going on. This week is Homecoming and the big game is tomorrow. I think that we will be going, since this is the last home game anyways.

The weather has cooled down here, so that has been nice. The last few days it has been in the high 60's, which has just been wonderful. It actually feels like fall. We are hoping that when we get to Wisconsin next week, we will get to see some fall colors. Hopefully no snow, we can wait for Christmas for that.

Emma News: She is getting to be her own person more and more everyday. She definetly is the complete opposite of Maddie. She is going to be our high maintenence kid. She is growing more and more. She is getting the hang of sitting up for just a few seconds at a time. She has rolling over from her tummy to back down, now we just need to get her from her back to tummy.

Maddie News: She continues to amaze me that we haven't made a trip to the ER yet. She will no doubt have some broken bone in her life. She is learning new words. There is going to be a day where she just starts saying them all at once. She is also learning some signs for some words. We have please and thank you down and are working in a few more.

Us News: Pretty much the girls' lives are our lives. Chad is working hard on getting baseball together, since the first practice is January 23rd. It isn't that far away. We are all looking forward to our visit home next week. We will have then just 4 days after we get back from Wisconsin to get ready to head up to Dallas for Thanksgiving.

Here are a few pictures from the last week: