Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanksgiving 2006

Jamie has started putting these slide shows on her blog and since I have completely redone my blog, I thought that maybe I would try something a little different with my pictures too.

It has been awhile since my last post, but that might have something to do with the fact that we haven't been home in over a week. Last Saturday (the 18th) was a playoff football game, we won 65-41. That meant that they survived another week. We took off for Carrollton on Sunday morning about 9:30am. We got there about 2:30, that was after a short stop in Ennis for lunch. Chad had the opening worship for the conference on Sunday, so the girls and I stayed home. Monday Maddie was in heaven with having other kids to play with. Kathy watches 4 kids, but only three of them were there, so Maddie had friends to play with the whole day. Emma and I did some errand running in the morning and then came home for a nap. I went to pick Chad up at Prince of Peace and we went out with some of the staff from CLHS. It was nice to be out without the girls. Tuesday was a short day for Chad, so the girls and I went and picked him up and we went to the mall for lunch. We then headed home and that night Adam (Chad's college roommate), Kimi-another CUWer, and her husband came over and had dinner with us. We then ended up playing 8-handed euchre. It was a lot of fun. Wednesday was a hang out day. We went to church in the evening and then came home and played more cards. Thursday-Turkey Day. The girls gave us a great Thanksgiving present and they both slept for about thre hours. Emma was in the pack-n-play all by herself. It was so nice to have my hands free to do other things. We got to play outside since it was 78degrees. We ate and of course played more cards. Friday we (the girls) did venture out to Michaels for a few things. The boys stayed home and watched the Texas/A&M game. A&M did come out the winner, but it was a good game. We took Eric and Christina out for pizza while Dave and Kathy celebrated their anniversary. We came back and watched The Incredibles and then when everyone got home, it was another round of cards. I have no idea who won how many games, but we will have to get the official scoring from Dave and make sure we let Grandma and Grandpa Bickel know. Saturday we headed out at about 9:30. After taking out time and stopping at Pizza Hut for the lunch buffet, we managed to pull in about 2:45pm. Last night was a try to get unpacked and get things together. Maddie was so happy to see all her toys, that she managed to take everyone out of her toybox, all the ones off the shelves, and even dump her bins in her room. It is like is was some sort of homecoming ritual for her. Today was church, grocery shopping and football. We still have some unpacking to do and some getting the house in order. We are going to get all the Christmas stuff out next weekend and start the decorating. This week should be pretty low key, nothing major going on. Chad has just 8 weeks until baseball, so planning is beginning. We have just three weeks until we leave for Christmas and so we still have shopping to get done (I have a feeling that some of that will be done once we get to Wisconsin), and plans to make for while we are home.

We hope that everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. We can't wait to see everyone in just a few weeks for Christmas. I am hoping for some snow for Maddie to be able to play and sled in. I just have this feeling that she will love sledding.