Friday, March 09, 2007

Teachings of Maddie

I know that Maddie being the "big" sister is going to teach Emma some pretty interesting things. Especially for as wild Maddie is, most days I think that Emma is just taking mental notes on how to do things. Here is an example:

Step 1: Starting

Step 2: Almost there

Step 3: Got there

Maddie was so nice to put the stool next to the fireplace in order for Emma to use it to climb up it. I'm sure this is just the first of many attempts to be like her big sister.

Here are some other pictures from this week:

Emma just hanging out- she is starting to be a whole lot more fun. Emma is getting more brave with standing and trying to climb on things. She has started taking just one big nap(2 1/2 to 3 hours) and that seems to help with her crabbiness. Even though she is usually up between 6:45 and 7am, she is content to just lay in her crib and either talk to her stuffed animals (another thing she gets from her sister) or just talk to the ceiling.

Here is Emma's redneck picture, at least that is what Chad says. We were getting ready for bed and she decided that she wasn't finished playing. Chad got a kick out of the fact that she had no shirt on and was checking under the hood of her car.

Maddie just singing her ABC's in the kitchen looking cute. We are saying more and more words each day. I'm still waiting for all of her words to just spill out and her to not stop talking. She constantly is making noise and so we decided that when she starts talking we are going to put her and Michael Wilke in a room and they can just talk each other out.

This is Maddie wanting to play on dad's team. I think that somedays he might want to take her up on it. She might need a smaller size jersey.

Chad had a game this evening and still isn't home (10:30). The Wilde's are coming tomorrow and it is suppose to be a great weekend. Spring Break has begun and so I'm sure that Chad will be ready for doing a whole lot a of nothing for the next few days.

We will have a full week after spring break and then the following Tuesday we have more visitors coming. It sounds like grandma has lots of stuff planned for us to do.

Have a great weekend!!