Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Emma vs. the Swing

Emma- 0
Swing- 1

That's right the swing won. Last Friday evening we were at softball's quarterfinal playoff game (which they won). It was at Second Baptist- a mega church, they had a playground over by the softball field. I had taken the girls over there earlier in the game and then Chad and I swapped. Emma decided that it would be fun to flip off the swing onto the rocks on the ground(see picture above). Let's just say that there was a lot of blood, but no stitches were needed. She was back to jumping around by the time we got home. So after our excitement on Friday we decided to take it easy on Saturday morning.

The weekend seems to be a blur right now, but then I remembered that I was trying to forgot the horrible baseball game I attended on Saturday night. Chad, myself, and some friends headed down to the Brewers/Astros game. After blowing it on Friday night I thought that they might actually show up for the game. So as most of you know how the game went and the rest of the series too, let's just say that I was not a happy person on the ride home.

Sunday we decided to go to St. John's because it was confirmation at Trinity and we don't know anyone in this class. Chad had to go to the musical (The Sound of Music) in the afternoon and then we went over to the Wilke's for a little while in the evening. Chad decided that he was going to let Phill give him a haircut. So be got his hair buzzed and it was home to put the girls in bed.

This week we have been just hanging out at home. Literally on Monday it was home all day because it rained the entire day. We entertained ourselves with coloring and play-doh and the like.

Softball is in the final four and play on Friday morning. We won't make it up on Friday, but if they win we are planning on heading up to Waco on Saturday for the championship. If they don't win, I'm sure we will find something to occupy us this weekend.

Happy Birthday to Mom J and Josh tomorrow!!!

Happy Mother's Day to everyone too.