Monday, May 19, 2008

Swim and Sand

Here are the girls in their new sandbox. I decided that the batch of dirt that was being used as a litter box for neighborhood cats would be better suited as a sandbox. I laid a tarp, built a frame, added some sand, and a tarp for the top (to keep the cats away). The girls could and do play in there for hours. We are still working on keeping the sand inside the box, but I figured that at $3 for a bag of sand it will be just fine.

Sunday afternoon was the first swim of the year. We actually got a bigger blow up pool and came to find out that there were holes in it, so we went back to the old one yesterday. I got a different bigger pool and the girls are ready to play. I have a feeling we will be getting some use of it this week since the temps are suppose to be in the 90's.