Monday, November 24, 2008

Leaves Fall Then Snow Falls

Well a couple of weeks ago we raked the leaves for the final time. We thought that they were going to come and pick them up, but they didn't quite make it down our street. Grandpa was off of work, so the girls and I headed outside to help him. Emma like using the push broom to sweep the driveway and Maddie liked using the leaf blower to clear out under the tree. Maddie headed back inside to warm up and Emma decided that she is more of a supervisor then a worker, so here she is "doing" yardwork with grandpa.

This morning at about 6:15 I was laying in bed and that is usually the time that the dogs across the street start barking, but this morning they were drowned out by the plow on the playground across the street. I know that sound and when I was in grade school and high school I usually rushed up to go look out the window and hope for a snow day. Knowing that there couldn't be that much snow, it actually made me move slower, because I knew that there would still be school. That meant having to get Maddie into boots and full snow gear. Luckily grandpa took her to school today, so I only had to get her ready. Any other morning I would have had to gotten Emma in her gear too. The girls were very excited about the snow and spent some of the morning just looking out the window. Most of it will probably be gone in the next couple of days since by Thanksgiving it should be up to 40 degrees. They both wanted to go out and play, but it is quite the wet snow, awesome for snowballs, but that's when you come in just soaking wet all the way through.

Maddie took grandpa to school today with her for her Thanksgiving Feast. They made lots of crafts and had some good snacks. Emma and I just hung out at home. I have to say that it was nice to not have to rush out the door on a Monday morning. Not only that, but I was able to take a shower in the house finally.

So in the beginning of October the plumbers came and gutted the downstairs bathroom and redid the plumbing. Since then my dad and mostly Uncle Kip have been sanding, tiling, grouting, and painting. Yesterday the two of them put the toilet, sink, shower fixtures, and lights in and we have a functioning bathroom. I was getting used to taking showers at the YMCA or even a bath upstairs. I know my mom is just glad that when she has to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, she doesn't have to come upstairs.

This week Chad has his first basketball game. So we will be over at school more, it also helps that my cousin plays on his team. My other cousin is on the girls varsity, so we will be out there tonight for her game. I have also taken over the 7/8 grade girls team at Mount Olive. So today is the first practice with me. They start league play on the 6th, so we have this week and next week to get ready.

We are having Thanksgiving with my parents and aunt and uncle. We will be up at the Janetzke's on Wednesday for church and then to hang out. Chad has practice on Friday and so I think he is hoping for a low key day on Thursday. Grandpa Heff's birthday is Wednesday and so Maddie is wanting to make a cake. Maybe we will tackle that tomorrow.

Maddie is really into helping cook lately. She has almost perfected mac n' cheese. She likes to be able to do anything to help out. She likes to be the "maker" as she calls it. She of course is still loving school. Yesterday we saw her teacher at church and that still is weird to her, to see her teacher outside of her classroom.

Emma is Emma, meaning she is the drama queen as always. She gets upset at the weirdest things. She all of a sudden hates baths. We think she is so worried that her toys or her are going to go down the drain, even though we don't take the plug out until she gets out. She is not liking this whole hat and mittens thing either. She tries to bargain and tells you that she will just wear her hood instead of her hat, but that only lasted until yesterday because a hood doesn't do as much as a hat. We try to give her a choice, so we don't have meltdowns. Usually like juice or milk, boots or tennis shoes. She really likes that she gets to pick out her own shirt in the mornings. She knows that she picks out the shirt and I get to pick out the pants. She doesn't like her wet diaper, but will not go anywhere near the potty. We will start trying a little bit more after the new year. She knows that to go to Mrs. Willer's class she has to go on the potty. I have a feeling she is going to be that kid who one day announces that she is done with diapers and just start using the potty. We will see. She loves to go pick up Maddie from school, because she likes to see Carter, who will be in her class next year, who also happens to be Isaac's cousin. She always has to look for them at church too. Let's just say she could be labeled as a stalker "girlfriend".

I can't believe that Christmas is right around the corner. I have almost all my shopping done. I have just one more person, or technically Chad has one more person. I am hoping to avoid all stores for the most part for the next month. I went to the mall on Saturday to get my haircut and it was already just out of control. I then went to Target after that and it was just as bad. I was glad I didn't have the girls with me.

At least this post didn't come a month since the last one- as the holidays get closer, I'm sure I'll have more pics to share.