Saturday, November 08, 2008

A Long Overdue Post

Okay so where should we start- how about the beginning of October. We have had a few posts in between, but nothing too in depth.

Okay- so let's start with the Brewers. So we enjoyed our short stint in the playoffs after a 26 year drought. The third game was in Milwaukee on Saturday October 4th. Chad, myself, my dad, and my brother-in-law Joel went to the game. It was awesome to be there and we all enjoyed the game especially since they won. We went on to hang out in the parking lot for a little while afterwards. Sunday I wasn't planning on going to the game, but my aunt wasn't feeling well, so we had an extra ticket and I got to go again. The outcome wasn't as good as the night before, but it was still pretty cool to be there. I did take some pics on Saturday, but of course they are on the infamous camera that is still missing and I am just going to have to realize that it is gone and so are the pictures that were on it.

So the following week Chad headed up to Minnesota on Friday afternoon on the Megabus. It was a little late, but he made it up there and then headed to the Olson's to hang out. He managed a round of golf on Saturday morning and then hanging out with the Minnesotans. Sunday he went to the Vikings/Lions game with Mike and then back on the Megabus home. While he was gone, the girls and I managed without him. Saturday we went to uncle Kurt's flag football game. After we headed to the pumpkin farm with grandma and grandpa J, uncle Scott, aunt Kathy, cousins Luke and Ben, and aunt Kendra. It was the weekend where is was like 80 degrees and so the patch was crowded. If you want to see a couple pics, there are some on the Huster's blog (link on the right side). That evening we met grandma and grandpa Heff, who were babysitting cousins Ella and Kate for a hayride.

We have been in the normal routine of school during the week and Maddie is enjoying school. We have been to the pumpkin farm, it was cold and rainy, but the kids loved being able to feed all the animals. Maddie loves to read all the letters in any word she can find. Like in church when we sit down and you can hear her talking to herself saying," E-X-I-T". She has a little trouble with lower case letters that don't look like the same uppercase letter.

So the weekend came again and this time it was off to Michigan for Chad's cousin's wedding. Which is where the camera was lost, so no pics of the wedding. We enjoyed seeing family and got to spend two nights with the Heiden's. We had lots of laughs and enjoyed being able to attend the wedding since we are closer now.

The last full weekend of October was spent hanging out with the Chapman family. They came up to trick or treat with us in the neighborhood. Grandpa and grandma Heff's neighborhood always has an evening trick or treat with a costume contest and other things. Maddie was once again a sausage- it was much more of a hit here, then in Texas. Everyone asked where we got it- it even won her second place in the costume contest. They went home with lots of loot, but Maddie was tried, so she went to bed early.

We have been visiting grandma J often during the day, since we are both home. She enjoys the change of routine and both Emma and Maddie love to play up there. Emma has spent more time up there while I help at Maddie's school. Her favorite thing to do is to make cookies with grandma. She likes to help mix, but really she just likes to be the taste-tester.

Last weekend we went down to Woodstock for Halloween. We went to the square with Ben and Sam for some trick or treating and then Ben and Maddie went to a couple other blocks. Emma and Sam had more fun handing out candy to other kids then actually getting it. Jana and Mike met us back in Milwaukee for the weekend. We had fun just hanging out for the rest of the weekend.

This week Maddie had school on Monday and then on Tuesday we headed up to the Kalahari in the Wisconsin Dells. We were up there a day early because we went up with grandma and grandpa J. Chad, uncle Kurt, aunt Lydia came up on Wednesday. For a few days we enjoyed being in the hotel and playing in the indoor waterpark. We did get a few pictures from borrowing my parent's camera.

We got home yesterday and have enjoyed just being home for the last day. Today Maddie had her last day of tumbling and then it was off to watch uncle Kurt's basketball game. After the game we took the girls to see Madagascar 2. The girls enjoyed the movie along with the popcorn and soda. I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a resting day and getting laundry done.

So here are a few pics from raking leaves, and the waterpark. Hopefully that has caught some of you up on us and it hopefully it isn't a month before I post again.