Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rain is so much better than snow.....

..... that's what I keep telling myself. The last few days, like 5 have been rainy and dreary, but I keep reminding myself that it could be snow.

So two other funny Maddie sayings from this week that could be added to the last blog post. Sunday I wasn't feeling so hot, so Chad took the girls to church so I could go back to bed for a little while. Emma even went to the nursery, so his job got easier. So they were in the middle of prayers and pastor was describing how we are sinners and sin is smelly. I guess Maddie just looked at Chad like "did he just say smelly", and proceeded to laugh out loud. At least she is starting to get jokes or at least knows when to laugh and not laugh.

The other one happened on Sunday too. My brother and his family came up from Chicago for the day. We all went to Applebee's for lunch. We were in the car driving there and Chad and I were talking about Kopp's (the custard place). Maddie proceeded to jump into the conversation and let us know that she doesn't like cops, but does like police officers. So how exactly do you explain homophones to a 3 year old. We just looked at each other and laughed. She then thought it as funny too.

Yesterday I was the helper at Maddie school. It was a slow Monday, but nothing too major went on, so it as just fine. I then had to go have a non-stress test at the doctor's office, which I will have again on Thursday and then twice a week until this kid comes. It would have taken about a half hour, but 10 minutes into the test, the machine ran out of paper and so they had to reload it and start all over and it took about an hour total. I did catch a little nap in there, so that was nice. So here is what I observed as I was strapped to a machine for that long. The office has a front reception area. Then the rooms and in the back there are rooms and a "nurses station". There were probably 6 or 7 desks with nurses, doctors, or other people who work there. Now the rooms all around the nurses station have a door, while the little room, okay closet, that I was in just has a curtain. Talk about patient doctor confidentiality- every phone call that was placed by the nurse closest to me was how this person's test came back positive for this STD or this issue and how they need to make sure that they let their sexual partners know about this. Then there was a lady who needed a referral for a mammogram, but then they realized that she couldn't go to where they normally send people because she had implants. It as kind of funny to hear some of the one sided phone conversations and wonder what the people on the other side where thinking. Let's just say it made my test very interesting.

On the topic of baby, Chad and I are at a total loss for any names. We have been going back and forth and can't decide on anything. One night when we were out for a "date" we even sat at Barnes and Noble for like an hour and a half looking at names. I figure that this kid will eventually have a name, so I'm not that worried about it now.

Well we are in our three week break between basketball and baseball. Chad has been getting ready for baseball, he is doing a grade school clinic on Saturdays, and getting everything else in order. The good thing is that the snow is mostly all gone because of the rain, so if the ground would dry, he might actually get some games in before May.

Tomorrow Nolan is coming with Mike and then Jana is coming on Thursday. There is the robotics competition downtown this weekend. We will go and check it out on Saturday with the girls and then Amy, Ben and Sam are coming too.

I am hoping the girls survive the day- as I am writing this I am looking outside and it is dark, gloomy, and rainy. Good thing I have MOPS tonight and can get out of the house for a little while.