Monday, February 23, 2009

Kids say the funniest things

So here are a few of those funny things that the girls have talked about in the last week that I still can't stop laughing about.

1. I was the helper at Maddie's school on Friday so that means that Emma stayed up at grandma and grandpa J's. Since uncle Kurt had a tournament game in the evening on Friday we were just going to meet them at the game to get Emma. So we had a good day at school and were leaving and I asked Maddie if there was something she wanted to do that afternoon- just her and me, something fun. She said she wanted to go to the movie theater. I told her we had to go home and check on the computer what was playing and what time it was playing at. She proceeded to tell me that when I got home to just go to to see what time the movie started. I cracked up and couldn't stop laughing. It is so funny to me that dot com and google are part of her vocabulary. She has told me a few times before to just google it.

2. Maddie and Emma went over to auntie Susie and uncle Kip's house on Saturday morning. I had my last game and Chad was reffing at the Mount Olive 5/6 grade tournament. They were all ready to play with Sophie the dog and then also to make cookies. So they were rolling out the dough and cutting cookies out, when Maddie informed everybody that what they were doing was so cool. Like Maddie even knows what cool is or if something is or is not cool.

3. The girls have gotten real good at annoying each other. We are trying to get Maddie that sometimes you have to just ignore the other person. So they usually really get on each other's nerves in the car. So Maddie asked Emma to stop whatever she was doing that was annoying her. I then told her to try to ignore her sister, she proceeded to lalala and tell Emma that she was ignoring her. When Emma kept on talking to her and asking her questions, Maddie just kept on telling her that she was ignoring her. It kind of defeats the purpose of the ignoring if you have to keep telling the person you are ignoring them.

4. Yesterday Emma stayed home to nap while we took Maddie with us to uncle Kurt's game (remember he was in a tournament). His game was at 1 and so we told Maddie we would leave at noon and let her pick somewhere to get something to eat. She had to think about it and finally decided on King Burger (Burger King). She was very excited to go, but we told her she had to keep it a secret, because Emma wasn't coming with us and it isn't nice to rub it in her face. So she was trying to not say anything, but then went over to Emma and told her that she had a secret to tell her, but couldn't tell her. So she walked away, then came back over to Emma and figured that since it was a secret if she whispered it, it didn't really count as telling her. We just watched the whole thing and sometimes just have to laugh at her logic.

As you can see the girls are keeping themselves busy. My basketball season is over, Chad has this week left. He plays tonight and then on Friday night. It will be nice to have a few weeks off before baseball starts. It is hard to believe that it is March already. We are just patiently waiting for all the snow to melt. It was almost all gone and then Friday/Saturday we got about 6 inches, for a fresh blanket of snow.

I am excited for tomorrow- I will now be able to have an honest to goodness Sonic Cherry Limeade that I haven't had for like 7 months. Right on the other side of Miller Park they have put up a Sonic and it opens tomorrow. I told Chad that he should stop by on the way home, since he passes it every day and bring me one home, so I can take it to MOPS with me. I have a feeling that it is going to be busy until the newness dies down. Nothing like a happy hour large cherry limeade for 79 cents to make your day.


Dave and Elizabeth said...

YEAH for Sonic! Good to know that one is open so we can stop there on our next trip to Milwaukee! :)