Tuesday, February 02, 2010

January in Review

So catching up from last post- Lilly is on the move, she is getting faster everyday. Pulls herself up on everything. Has the one handed hang on down, tries to let go and stand by herself. If she is just right, she can sometimes manage for a couple of seconds. She has also figured out how to cruise from one thing to another- she is still a little unsure, but has no problem attempting it.

So where did January go?? I have no idea- isn't that what always happens?? So we left you with the crawling of Lilly and from there it has been basketball, work, and school.

Basketball took us to Iowa over MLK weekend. Since everyone had off on Monday, we loaded up the van- the 5 of us and uncle Ben and uncle Kurt and made the trip to Iowa. Uncle Kurt was lucky enough to sit in between Maddie and Emma the way there and back. We spent most of the weekend at Trinity Cedar Rapids watching basketball- Hannah played great, they got third place. We got to hang out with the Jonasson's- played DJ Hero, Beatles Rock Band, shared a few drinks, lots of laughs, and good times. We headed home Monday morning, since Chad had practice in the afternoon.

That week I also started a new job. I am working part time at Lutheran Special School and Educational Services. There is a self-contained classroom at Milwaukee Lutheran for 3-8th graders, 3 resource rooms at grade schools in the area(one of them being Our Redeemer where the girls go), programs at Milwaukee Lutheran and Martin Luther, and they have a teacher consultant for all the schools. I am not in the classroom, but do see some of the kids most days. I am working as a development assistant. I am helping with the events they plan and have. They have two large events, the gold outing and the auction. The golf outing is in May, so we are going gung ho with that right now. I am enjoying it, the girls like that they get to go to day care once a week. We are still adjusting to the new schedule, but everyone is getting better.

Here are a couple pics from uncle Kurt's games, we have been keeping up with those most weekends and even a couple weekday games. He has a couple tournaments coming up at the end of February.

The rest of the month we have been keeping warm and keeping busy. Chad has about a month of basketball left, we have been to a few games, but they aren't very good, so it is a little hard to watch. We are suppose to be going tonight, but we will see how naps go this afternoon.

We had a baby shower for my cousin's wife. They are getting ready for their little girl to join them at the beginning of March. They are going to join the world of girls.

It always seems like the month goes by in a blur and then I try to think of what we did and I can't seem to remember anything that exciting.

This past weekend was the first weekend we didn't have anything to do- so what did we do, took the girls to the movies. Chad took Maddie to Princess and the Frog, Emma had already seen it and so her and I went to see Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. In the evening Chad and I took Lilly up to CUW to watch the last couple game of CIT. We saw a few people and got a chance to talk and catch up. Sunday we actually did take a day to do nothing.

It is back to the grind and trying to not get too far behind in February.