Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Here are our Valentine pictures from 2010. The girls were pretty cooperative when I wanted to take them and even managed a bunch of smiles for the camera.

When did Maddie get so big?? I got some prints of these pictures and I couldn't believe how big Maddie looks in them, maybe not so much big as just older.

She's even cute with her snotty nose

Emma being cute Emma
Emma bringing the cheese- she does love to smile

Lilly wondering why we always have to take so many pictures

Lilly catching flies- this is her normal smile

The three actually looking at the camera- Maddie looks like she was out a little too late the night before (do you know how hard it is to get a good picture of the three of them)
Let's try a different pose- this time it was Emma who was out too late

This is the point where Maddie was done wanting her picture taken- check out that stone face

Here are the pictures that I know at least Anne has been waiting for. Maddie, Emma, and Lilly all on their first Valentine's Days, all wearing the same shirt, all looking very much the same.

Maddie- Febraury 2006

Emma- February 2007

Lilly- February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!!