Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Texas Spring Break

Spring Break 2010 was spent back in Texas. Chad took 20 of his baseball players along with 21 from Lake County Lutheran and we thought we would make a trip of it too. No, we didn't ride the bus. The girls, myself, and (almost) aunt Christina drove down and back. We left on St. Patrick's day and headed to Anamosa to spend the night at Mike and Jana's. From Anamosa we went to Norman Oklahoma (just south of Oklahoma City), spent the night in a hotel and then headed into Spring Texas. We got to the Wilke homestead on Friday and spent the next 4 days there. The bus with the baseball team arrived on Saturday and so between hanging with them and seeing everyone down there, we enjoyed the sunshine, the laughter, the shopping, and the playing with everyone. Lilly got to meet her godfather, Michael, for the first time. He was at the end of his srping break. We got to hang out at the Pier, the old sanctuary at Trinity Klein, that they turned into the youth buliding. The team went to the A & M game on Sunday, we stayed home and walked Sam the dog, played at the playground and watche NCAA basketball. Monday we got the chance to go up to Concordia and see teachers and staff up there. Christina and I did some shopping that day and then spent some of the evening hanging at the retreat center. Tuesday we had a playdate with the Keipers, we played at the park for a few hours and then at their house for lunch and after. Lilly and Raegan got to play, more like Lilly poked at Raegan. Tuesday night we got the chance to watch the Crusader baseball game and then we were off to home on Wednesday. We drove two days on the way home. The girls did great in the car. Again that was Lilly's first long trip and she would just nap, look out the window, talk to herself. We had a great time and can't wait to go again next year. Well that is what Chad is telling me.